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Senate President’s Wife Not Above The Law –Uchime

Posted: Aug 9, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Veteran journalist and Public Affairs Commentator, Success Kanayo Uchime, is piqued over the type of solidarity given to Mrs Toyin Saraki, wife of Senate President, Bukola Saraki, when she was at the EFCC headquarter to answer questions relating to corruption. He spoke to EJIKEME OMENAZU.

What is your view on the invitation extended to the former Kwara State First Lady, Toyin Saraki, wife of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, by the EFCC? How would you react to the fact that some senators and members of House of Representatives numbering 25 followed her to the anti-graft agency?

I watched with dismay the show of shame displayed by our so-called representatives at the premises of EFCC, as they accompanied the former first lady of Kwara State, Mrs. Saraki to EFCC. I couldn’t fathom that kind of solidarity on someone who was accused of embezzling the state fund. I asked myself, what do they actually want to achieve by that singular action? Are they saying that the woman in question never embezzled the fund or what? I should think that the best thing to have been done by our honorable member was to allow the law to take its course. They should allow the EFCC to carry out their investigations, and if the woman is found culpable, that is it, and she should refund the stolen funds.  But, if she is innocent then she should be left alone.

Their action goes to show the kind of representatives we have in this country. It all also proves that we can never develop and grow like other countries. How can we develop, when we don’t call a spade, a spade? Nepotism and other forms of vices have been the other of the day. A county where some people think they’re above the law, instead being under the law. It pains my heart to see the level of backwardness in Nigeria as a county – a country where nothing seems to be workable. What works in other countries does not seem to work in our country. This is a place where we’ve perpetuated corruption by trying to give it a human face.

The Senators should realise that God, as well as the future generations of Nigerians, are watching. There should not be a cover-up anywhere, anyone implicated or being accused should answer for it. The onus is then on the person to argue his or her case, and prove to the world that the crime was not committed by him or her. For goodness sake, Mrs. Saraki is not the first person to be invited by the EFCC, and she is never going to be the last.

Our senators should know more than most of us that for the simple reason of her invitation to EFCC does not necessarily mean that she is already culpable or that she is already a criminal. Innocent minds don’t fear any accusation, but only those who have some skeleton in their cupboards. Why must they be jittery at this time? This will leave most of us in a state of suspense. I think the only time they should show that kind of solidarity is when it’s established that the woman is being punished unjustly, but we’ve not seen that instance yet.