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Security Operatives Must Perform Duties With Conscience – Fasehun

Posted: Sep 22, 2015 at 12:44 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By  Seyi Taiwo


National Chairman of the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), Dr. Fredrick Fasehun has called on government to see Nigerians as partners in building bridges thereby avoid lopsidedness in public service.

Dr. Fredrick Fasehun

Dr. Fredrick Fasehun

He stated this on Monday while speaking shortly after Holy Communion/ thanksgiving service to mark his 80th birthday anniversary at Saint Peters Anglican Church Faji,  Lagos Island.

He said vilifying past public servants should be avoided and that probes, if and when necessary should be tacitly and comprehensively carried out, or else it wears the toga of witch-hunting.

.”No objective person can condemn any Government as having made zero-contribution to national development. And no single government can achieve everything and score 100 per cent”.

Speaking further he said the security operatives and security agencies must especially be counseled to do their work with conscience that is; always remembering that no position is permanent,

According to him, “ the day we insulate federal institutions from politics, that day we take the giant step towards achieving the Nigeria of our dreams.

However, Fasehun said he thank God for keeping him alive to reach 80 years in  a country where the official lifespan is 52 years.

“My thanks also go to the great Nigerian people, especially those who have in several ways shown appreciation for the little i have been privileged to contribute to democracy and nation building,”

He said those who feel offended at his little contribution to the country’s history should realise that he could not have done otherwise because the peace, social-justice and democracy of this nation are always uppermost in his heart.

“As we all know, the journey to democracy is usually not easy because human nature is more conditioned towards selfish autocracy and egotistical dictatorship. That is why agitators for democracy in any land have a lot to confront to persuade the powers that be to be their brother’s keeper, instead of carrying on in the natural propensity of humans, such as subjugating the downtrodden, stamping upon the underprivileged, selfish building of dynasties and corrupt amassing of public resources,” he added.