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SDGs: Engineers Predict Another Woeful Performance by 2030

Posted: Mar 11, 2016 at 11:55 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)
Innocent Oweh,Abuja
Abysmal performance of Nigeria in the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals(MDGs), which elapsed last year 2015, has necessitated another bleak prediction for the country by the Nigeria Society of Engineers(NSE).
The society’s prediction came on the wings of weak achievements, especially in key areas of basic education enrollment, where over 10.5million children are allegedly out of school, poverty reduction, maternal and mortality rate reduction among others.
NSE also predicts that even with the new governance system in place, deficit in social and economic infrastructures may equally hinder the country from achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
Besides poor leadership and late commencement of the MDG programme, which experts attributed to crippling the attainment of the objectives outlined in the MDGs. There are also indications that poor state of roads, bridges, water systems and national electricity grid that were put in place several decades ago may also account for why Nigeria may fail to meet the SDGs which elapses in 2030.
In the Infrastructure Report Card released by the engineering society in Abuja, it pinpointed infrastructural deficit to have contributed just about 1percent to Nigeria’s per capital growth, noting that it may likely rubbish modest gains for the SDGs, even if any were to be recorded.
NSE President, Otis Anyaeji, said yesterday that, if stakeholders were to take a cursory review of the MDGs, taking into account poor sanitation, water, energy, health and education among others, we have actually re-trogressed as a nation in each of these areas.
He said, “the attempt to return humanity to sanity and unity of purpose led to set goals termed the Millennium Development Goals in the year 2000.
“The result, at the end of its schedule, is the little achievements in some parts of the world, shamefully, Nigeria does not belong to the areas of any significant achievement, now we are faced with the Sustainable Development Goals, with fifteen years target for attainment.
“What the fate of Nigeria and Nigerians at the end of this second target period is probably bleak.
“Our infrastructural report card emphasized this situation; that is why we said the state of our general infrastructure is in such a way that is unsafe for the public.
“We need to wake up and on the threshold of this implementation of the SDG, we should recover what we lost in the MDGs and try to make it up so that even well before the time frame expected of the implementation of this SDG, Nigeria would have shored up and brought its infrastructure to an enviable state that other countries would actually be coming here to take a model of how we have increased and improved the quality of life for our citizens”.
Anyaeji also faulted stunted economic and political growth to bias against engineering professionals, noting that there was dearth of engineers even at the policy space.
“There are deliberate effort to remove engineering from the scene, we have raised the alarm even at the commanding height of the political leadership of the country.
“There is insufficient number of engineers in the policy space, we don’t have engineers as ministers, as permanent secretaries and even chief executives in engineering based areas and everybody is suffering from that deficiency.
“When we complain that our infrastructure are not working it’s a reflection of these deficiencies in terms of manning labours at the policy spaces, we need to have professional engineers at the policy levels”.