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Saraki Should Defend Himself In Court, Says Rights Group

Posted: Sep 17, 2015 at 7:04 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Rotimi Akinwumi, Abuja


The Transition Monitoring Group (TMG) on Thursday, September17, 2015 expressed its support for President Muhammadu Buhari’s decision to fight corruption headlong in the country.

TNG stated this at a state-of-the-nation address in Abuja.

The group urged Senate President Bukola Saraki to stop accusing government of witch-hunting him, as he has been dragged to court over alleged faults assets declaration, and should rather go to court and prove his innocence.

Saraki is set to appear at the Code of Conduct Tribunal to answer to charges of lopsided assets declaration.

Buhari was commended for the introduction of the Treasury Single Account (TSA), which “would drastically reduce corruption in the management of the nation’s resources.”

The group stated that there is evidence of positive changes in the polity after assessing the anti-corruption programme of the President.

TMG chairman, Comrade Ibrahim Zikirullah, said the best thing Nigerians can do now is to give total support to Buhari in his fight against corruption.

“For once in the chequered history of governance in our country, Nigerians can today go to bed without the fear of waking up to news of scandalous disappearance of substantial chunks of the national treasury as a result of the activities of thieving government officials.

“Critical national institutions that had gone to sleep at the height of indolent governance have suddenly woken up. Slowly and steadily, sanity is being restored, at least at the federal level, to a nation that had completely lost its moral compass,” the group  said.

TMG further noted that it was in support of the creation of special courts to try those who looted the nation’s treasury over the years.

Underlining the need for special courts to try corrupt cases, the TMG noted that acts of corruption have taken the shine off the judiciary and that a new ideology in judicial dispensation was needful.

“Our regular courts have become cash-and-carry judicial settings. In the last decade, cases of corruption taken before regular Nigerian courts by anti-graft agencies have largely been thrown out on the grounds of frivolous technicalities,” TMG said.

The rights group urged all political office holders to take a cue from what was happening to the Senate President, and know that what obtained in the past was no longer acceptable, because all acts of corruption would be severely dealt with.

“We should not frustrate the change we are seeing now. We all saw how our judiciary became a cash-and-carry judiciary. We all saw how they were dishing out black-market judgements in recent times,” the TMG boss said.