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The Sambo Dasuki Affair- A Time Bomb.

Bola Ige
Posted: Apr 25, 2016 at 2:59 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)


William Bozimo

Since the whistle blowing dimension of Colonel Sambo Dasuki so- called Arms deal erupted like a volcano, it appeared nobody knows where it will end. The squealing had brought several names on board the voyage of shame and whether it will eventually berth at a safe harbour is yet to be seen.

One is beginning to appreciate the power of a National Security Adviser of any country, who from the sordid details we have been treated to in the past months, millions and billions had been dispensed with seemingly careless abandon by the most powerful security Adviser in any Nation.

It may well be, that is the nature of the office as an all- purpose depot or cesspool from which ad- hoc slush funds and expenditures are attended to by powerful politicians in the polity. It looked like from the 2.1 billion dollars many people had been made to smile home without making any noise.

The good thing about the Dasuki affair is that it is all ensconced in secrecy because security has many dimensions. Some big time politicians who can swing votes in favour of any party in power can be lobbied with the security votes to generate votes from his corner of the country.

The lid on the secrecy of the security vote which all governments enjoy at both local governments, States and Federal levels actually enjoy these votes but are never disclosed to the public.

But today, with the whistle blowing routine of Col Sambo Dasuki, it appears that almost anybody that is somebody in the polity may have gotten a piece of the Dasuki pie or cake. I salute him for his generosity by dolling out rather effortlessly.

The Dasuki sing- song somehow reminds me of when Col Suka Bukar Dimka, after his aborted coup of February 13, 1976 with the assassination of General Murtala Ramat Mohammed, he sang like a canary when he was grilled by security men during the coup trials. He named many generals like the Late Bissala and company before he formally bowed to the law when he was captured somewhere in the East thinking he would escape arrest.

In this present Dasuki saga, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell if all those who collected or were given money from the  National Security  Adviser  procured arms for the purpose of fighting Boko Haram insurgency or they offered intelligence reports to the former NSA? Already Col Sambo and his key allies have appeared in court in Abuja. It is well and good that we have entered the most civilized phase of the  anti- corruption duel  where all proved cases are brought to court for adjudication.

Finally, there was a recent squeal to the effect that Col Dasuki bought some Jeeps for the incumbent President BUHARI out of the security fund in his custody, two Jeeps and a cash donation of some 300,000 thousand dollars to President Muhammadu Buhari when he lost his private car to the Boko Haram insurgents in Kaduna during one of his campaign trips.

Perhaps, as a national security Adviser, he owed it a duty to protect former heads of states in one form or another, but it seems a tall order to allege that he gave some three hundred thousand dollars to President Buhari. This seems a far-fetched revelation, which, to many, may look like medicine after death to tarnish the name of the anti- graft crusader in Mr. President Buhari.

In the past, people had always felt Security votes were so sacrosanct and were not accountable by those who keep and dispense them and not to be accounted for.

The Buhari example had shown that the secrecy behind all security votes must be laid bare for the people to see, peep at and must be accounted for.

As Col Sambo Dasuki still reels in detention or prison custody, his lawyers had taken his case to the Ecowas Court Appeal which had made a definitive declaration that Col Dasuki should not be tried in secret but in the open courts for all to see that the present government ought to abide by the due legal processes of suspects, accused of itchy palms and had taken undue advantage of the public treasury.

But historical observers of the Sambo Dasuki discomfiture aver that whatever Col Dasuki is going through may well have its foundation in some earlier roles allegedly played by Col Sambo Dasuki and other military officers who may have had his hands hand-cuffed   during his overthrow in August 1985 by the IBB military regime, which red carded his seemingly draconian regime where politicians tried under military Tribunals were sentenced to prison terms spanning several hundreds of years.

With that mindset, the Nobel Laureate, alias KONGI, thought differently. According to Professor Wole Soyinka, a known former acerbic critic of military rulers and dictators  said Buhari has now become  a born again democrat and he should be given a chance  to prove his admission into the Hall of Fame of Democrats. ***If Col Sambo Dasuki, a Prince from the Sokoto Caliphate could be so treated like a common criminal, denied of the civilizing indices of rule of law and due process, then we can only imagine what could happen to ordinary citizens.*** Let the courts proclaim Col Sambo Dasuki guilty as opposed to the felon, that the trial by the Media had turned him; or is Col Sambo Dasuki paying for some past sins in the form of vendetta for the role he played during that IBB coup which elbowed Buhari out of power in 1985?

Tomorrow it could be you or me and let us sign on to trial by the courts and say No to secret trial of any citizen in the country.