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Saidi Balogun In Scam Scandal

Posted: Jun 13, 2015 at 3:21 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Hazeez Balogun –  Lagos


A scandal broke out this week and the Golden Movie Ambassadors of Nigeria (GMAN) has been doing all it can to refute the story. Understandably, it has to do with a scam which involves their president, ace actor, Saidi Balogun. He has been accused of shady dealings in which he allegedly conned one of the members of the association of N300k.

While trying to investigate why two siblings who were prominent members of GMAN decided to leave the association at the same time, a source reveals the dirty dealings of the president, which many members have been condemning. Tolulope and his sister Nike Erinle are two up and coming actors with a flare for production. They had decided to embark on their first major production, but they were swindled along the way.

Saidi Balogun

Saidi Balogun

Tolu is an alumnus of the prestigious New York Film Academy, on his return to Nigeria he joined the Golden Movie Ambassadors of Nigeria (GMAN). It was gathered that Tolulope even convinced some of his allies to join the association too. When one of his sisters Nike Erinle wanted to shoot her flick ‘Diary of a Lagos Girl’, they needed O. C. Ukeje and Alex Ekubo to be part of the casts. Nike and Tolu went on to contact their president (Saidi Balogun) to help them negotiate with the actors to get them on the production. Saidi Balogun agreed and discussed with them. Having negotiated, Saidi Balogun told them the actors have agreed to star in the flick for N300k each.

The source says “Nike Erinle agreed and gave Saidi Balogun N500,000 initial cash deposit, Saidi Balogun said he had paid O.C. Ukeje and that Alex’ balance remained N100,000. It was gathered that before the commencement of the shoot, Nike gave Saidi Balogun the remaining Balance.

“On a wiser thought, Nike Erinle felt it would not be reasonable to get Saidi Balogun to negotiate with the other actors without casting him to be a part of the production, so they casted him for a minor role and paid him N120,000 artist fee,” the source said.

When the shoot commenced, it was said that Saidi Balogun ensured they shoot his bits early so he left the set before everyone else. While the shoot continued up to about Day Three, Alex Ekubo then approached the Producer that he couldn’t continue to shoot without collecting a dime. Everyone was taken aback as it turns out that Saidi Balogun only paid O.C. Ukeje but hoodwinked Alex Ekubo to go on with the shoot and get his pay before the end of the shoot.

All efforts to reach Saidi Balogun during that period proved abortive as he was neither at home nor in the office. Another source say that Saidi has moved to Ibadan where he is on set of another movie. Recently, when Funmi Awelewa was shooting her latest flick in Ibadan, Saidi Balogun was part of the production. It was there that Tolulope finally confronted Saidi Balogun and asked him why he acted the way he did. Saidi Balogun unrepentantly defended his actions saying it was disrespectful for them to have paid Alex and O.C. N300,000 each and pay him as little as N120,000.

He has refused to refund the money since, and the siblings have been reaching elders in the Yoruba movie scene to wade in. In their opinion, if the president of their association who is self acclaimed to be a front-liner in sanitising the industry could behave this way, then the Golden Movie Ambassadors Of Nigeria is not worth the while.

Though Saidi has refused to pick his calls or respond to texts Box Office has been sending him with regards to the issue, the GMAN sent in a response. “Whoever is behind this story must be insane, in fact he is a devil incarnated person,” their rep said without giving details about the issues raised.