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How Robbers Killed My Husband, By Ibafo Resident

Posted: May 11, 2015 at 12:03 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Funmi Falobi,  Lagos


Residents of Unity Estate, Kara-Ibafo in Ogun State, are yet to overcome the shock of a recent armed robbery attack in the area. This is particularly more so for Mrs. Titilayo Ajado, who was most affected by the dastardly act. She lost her husband, Segun Ajado, a 54-year-old technical engineer, in the attack.

Narrating her ordeal, Mrs. Ajado said around 3.00 a.m. on
April 22, some people suspected to be armed robbers came to the neighbourhood, and her family heard people shouting ‘ole! ole!’ (thief, thief). Unknown to them, the robbers had entered a neighbour’s house where they tied up the father, mother and grandmother after robbing them.

“Suddenly, we heard footsteps coming towards our house. The robbers jumped the fence of our building and cut the burglary of the room where my husband was. We heard movement in the corridor and before my husband could make
any move, the robbers shot him and he fell in the pool of his own blood. The gunshot
also wounded my youngest son who was at home with us.

“When they finally entered the room, they asked me to lead them to where his money is. I don’t know whether they were armed robbers or hired assassins because of the way he was killed,” Mrs. Ajado said.

She added: “I was
shouting for help but nobody could come and the neighbours who could have helped have been tied up with ropes by the robbers.”

The late Ajado, who has lived in the area with his family, for the past eight years, was said to be an easy going man in the neibourhood and “why somebody would want him dead is still a mystery to us (residents)”.

Popularly called ‘Pastor’, Ajado was a minister in the prison ministry of his church, the Foursquare Gospel Church. Before his death, he was one of the chairmen of the Community Development Association (CDA) in the community.
Daily Independent, however, learnt that there had been acrimony between him and another CDA chairman (name withheld) who is a worker in one of the radio stations in the country. The acrimony between them was said to involve two other gentle men in the neighbourhood prior to the attack.

It was gathered that the CDA unit of the affected men was owing security fees and that because of this, other residents were not allowed to move out of the estate.

“We were going out that
day, and when we got to the main gate, the security guards locked it (gate), saying that people were owing security fees. We tried to explain that we have paid in our unit and that they could not lock the gate against everybody because another unit has not paid. The affected chairman was there and annoyed with us because his unit was owing. He told my husband that he would deal with him,” Mrs. Ajado said.

She added: “I don’t know whether the people that killed my husband are armed robbers or hired assassin but I want justice to prevail.”
The Central Chairman of the CDAs in the estate, Mr. AbdulAzees AbdulGaniyu, who took the body of the deceased to the hospital, also confirmed the animosity between the late Ajado and the three men.

Speaking on the attack, AbdulGaniyu said: “When the incident happened, we took him to two hospitals in Ibafo but they turned us down before we finally went to Ayinke Hospital in Ikeja, Lagos, where he was
confirmed dead. Armed robbers have been coming to this area before they finally killed the late Mr. Ajado.”

Describing Ajado as an
easy going man, he said, “There have been grudges between and the men in another unit. But Ajado has been contributing to the development of the estate and very proactive in the development of the area. His humility made people to call him ‘Pastor’.”
Daily Independent learnt that the police arrested the three suspects but they (police) later apprehended the suspected assailants.

The residents, however,
called on the Ogun State Government to come to their aid in the provision of infrastructure and social amenities in the area.

“There is no light, no water, no any form of development and social amenities in this area. We urge the government to enhance security in the area. If security
is alright, perhaps, my husband might not have die,” Mrs Ajado said.