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How robbers attacked Independent Newspapers’ Editor

Posted: Apr 11, 2015 at 9:30 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Toyota Bus Stop area, along Oshodi-Apapa express road is one of the hottest dark spots in Lagos State, where criminals unleash havoc on motorists and pedestrians alike particularly at night. The area is in close proximity to Oshodi, another black spot and links the ever busy Ladipo spare parts market and the Muritala Mohammed International Airport. Because of the strategic location of the area, it is very busy with human traffic during the day but very lonely at night.


Kingsley Ighomwenghian, Deputy Editor Independent Newspapers

This spot used to be the dwelling place of Clifford Orji, the alleged cannibal who was said to have killed and eaten many people before he was arrested.

Last week, Kingsley Ighomwenghian, Deputy Editor Independent Newspapers Limited was attacked at the area by armed bandits who disposed him of money, handsets and laptop while he was returning from work.

He narrated his experience to Correspondent, Andrew Utulu.



How it happened

On Friday morning around 12.30am, l was driving along airport road towards Mile 2. Under the bridge intersection from the airport road, I noticed from afar that tyres and bags were used to block the road. I saw the tyres, but I was not sure of the contents of the other bags. I immediately applied my break and tried to reverse. But the boys came out from the surrounding bush and started hitting my car with all kinds of objects. They knocked off my side mirror, so I could not even see my back. So I veered off the road and l was stopped by some paving stones that were being made at the road side. They came at me, opened the four doors of the car, dispossessed me of all the cash on me, my phones, my laptop and bag containing a First Bank Cheque book and some other things. Immediately they finished, they also saw somebody in another car. So they left me and did exactly the same thing to the man. After that, they crossed to the other side of the road towards Oshodi.


Four men of the underworld 

They were four. I did not resist them because I did not know if they were with guns. But I saw them with sticks and iron rod, one of them even left the stick in the process of carrying my bag from my back seat. The stick is still there.


Hazards of working late 

I was coming from the office. In fact, while in the office, I heard there was trouble in Oshodi, so I decided to stay back so that the problem will subside. I avoided the Oshodi itself and decided to pass through Airport Road to cut off Oshodi.


At the crime scene next morning

The people who worked around there were doing their work, some of them paving stones and block makers were doing their job. I spoke to the two men making paving stones at the place my car was stock, I showed the person who accompany me the track of my car, the tyre mark on the ground, the paving stone guy was lamenting that it is a reoccurring incident.  The week before there was three robbery incidents there. He said that when they came, they noticed that their paving stones have been scattered, that almost every other day, that those things happen, and that the targets are usually those coming from the international airport.


At the Police station

I reported the matter at Ajao police division, they took my statement, and I asked for a police report, they said I should bring a sworn affidavit so that they could prepare a police report. They said I should pay before they give me police extract, I said but I am not supposed to pay. So I left.


How much did they demand?

I did not even get to the point of demanding money because another person who lost his driving license and wanted a police report, they were arguing and finally settled for N3, 000.00. They initially told him to bring either N7,000, then N5,000 before finally  settling for N3,000, but I was not ready to pay because I know such things are not supposed to be paid for.

DPO too busy to notice?

I was told the DPO was in a meeting with the Commissioner of Police, so I could not wait for him or her to come.