Revealed! U.S. Church Shooting Suspect’s Obsession With Apartheid South Africa | Independent Newspapers Limited
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Revealed! U.S. Church Shooting Suspect’s Obsession With Apartheid South Africa

Posted: Jun 19, 2015 at 1:35 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

RoofMore revelations about Dylann Roof, the white man identified as the suspected gunman in Wednesday night’s mass shooting in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, United States have revealed that the young was obsessed with the apartheid regimes of South Africa and the white dominated era in modern day Zimbabwe.

This, Roof did not hide, as photos from his Facebook page showed him clad in a jacket that carries a likely indicator of his racist disposition. The jacket bore two conspicuous patches of old flags of racist, white-minority regimes in southern Africa.

Conspicuously on top is South Africa’s first national flag, adopted in 1928, bearing the British and Dutch colonial insignia within an old royal flag of the Netherlands, the ancestral homeland of many of South Africa’s white Afrikaners.

The apartheid-era flag would later become a symbol for white supremacists around the world, at the end of apartheid and the creation of a new South African flag.

Another indicator to this effect is the the green-and-white flag beneath Roof’s jacket, belonging to the rogue Republic of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), which unilaterally declared its independence from Britain in 1965. The regime, locked in a bloody struggle with black nationalist guerrilla groups, was eventually forced to concede to a biracial democracy. In 1980, Robert Mugabe, one of the guerrilla leaders, was elected prime minister of the country.

“You are taking over our country,” Roof declared before opening fire on Emanuel AME Church’s black congregants, killing nine on Wednesday.

The flags on Roof’s jacket can be read as misguided emblems of grievance.