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The Return Of Majek Fashek

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On Valentine Day, Sunday, 14th of February, 2016, the city of Benin was agog courtesy of a show tagged the Return of the Legend which was hosted by celebrity event centre, Di Heritage. On the bandstand was Majek Fashek.

The show was put together by Maleke and Ambassador Dion Osagie, the President of Godsent Foundation based in USA.
According to the organizers of the show it was meant to assist Majek in restoring hope. As the sonorous voice singer and guitarist went down memory lane with his hit songs like Send Down the Rain and Little Patience.

The majority of the people in the audience, most of them top personalities and entertainers, were almost in tears recalling the glorious days of the acclaimed Rainmaker.
The presence of Majek in Benin, for his first show in the city in almost a decade, was an opportunity that most of his childhood friends and even family members used to reconnect with him several years after he left the city for greener pastures.

According to Ambassador Dion Osagie, who in an earlier interview had promised to be in the forefront of reviving the entertainment scene in
Benin, “I grew up in Benin listening to Majek’s music.

So, I was happy to see him perform to the admiration of all at the Valentine show. We have plans to take him on national tours and later on international
tours in the future. So, anyone that wants him to perform should get in touch with us.”

Benin born and bred Majekodunmi Fasheke (better known as Majek Fashek) grew up in the acclaimed ancient ciwty strumming his guitar, composing songs and singing with such dexterity that he became an item. Soon he, in company of some other youths with like minds, was the star attraction on the local TV station. After conquering his immediate vicinity he was soon to make a statement on the national scene with some of his childhood friends.

The roots and rock reggae group, Jahstix was the fruit of the alliance. The musical group was formed in the early 80’s Jahstix made up of six youngsters including Majek Fashek, Black Rice and Amos McRoy Jegg became the group to look out for in major national concerts.

They became the acclaimed hottest property in the Nigerian music scene.

The group members later parted ways and Majek gathered the remnants to form his own band and signed up under one of the country’s major music
labels, Tabansi Records in 1988. His first album, Prisoner of Conscience, which included the hit song Send Down The Rain became a national anthem of sorts. It ended up been a best seller winning strings of awards to boot. His follow up album, I & I Experience under the same label also sold out such that Majek became the top most reggae artist of the period. Later, he moved over to a new label, CBS Nigeria the stable on which he released So Long Too Long.

Soon the allure of America caught up with him and he found his way to God’s own country.

As soon as he got there he was signed on by Interscope Records. He released Spirit of Love on the label. Little Patience his last recorded album was released on Coral Records in 2004.
Thereafter, rumour mill was agog that Majek had gone into drug use which affected his productivity and thus set him back in his ambition to rule the reggae music world. It was on the strength of bringing him back to his glorious days that Maleke, Ambassador Dion Osagie and Ayiri Emami teamed up to take him to a rehab facility for a new lease of life.
“Majek is now doing very fine. This is proof that the downfall of a man is definitely not the end of his life,” Dion concluded.