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Be Resolute On War Against Corruption, Experts Task Buhari

Posted: May 10, 2015 at 9:50 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Oladele Ogunsola –  Ibadan.


With about less than 20 days to the swearing-in of the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, a former World Bank scribe, Ladipo Adamolekun, has charged him to remain resolute in his resolve to fight corruption with the machinery of the state in a bid to bring about desired change to the country.

Adamolekun spoke at the Silver Knights’ 2015 edition of May Lecture titled ‘Leadership, Institutions and Development: Disjunction in the Nigerian Experience and Way Forward’, held at the International Conference Centre, Lead City University, Ibadan.

The Professor of Public Administration and former Dean, Faculty of Administration, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife noted that the nation had, for long, groped in darkness described by him as vicious cycle and maintained that  the only way to bail the country out of the dilemma was by tackling corruption.

Making reference to a situation in which a former governor convicted for corruption was pardoned and given a national award, Adamolekun said “in order to turn Nigeria into an environment that will remain permanently hostile to leaders with high degree of corruptibility, the president-elect must prosecute a genuine war on corruption during the next four years.

“First evidence from countries that have successfully reduced corruption support the assertion that just as the fish rots from the head, corruption at the head of a national government will permeate the entire government as we have witnessed in the country”, he added.

Noting that the president-elect appeared ready to undertake the task of fighting corruption, he stated, “the expectation is that the strategy (to fight corruption) will spell out the objectives of the anti-corruption war, the methods of prosecuting it and benchmark for monitoring and evaluating results.

Adamolekun stressed the need for purposeful and committed leadership in fostering change in an economy, adding; “there were disjunctions at critical points of Nigerian history, but the nation can recover from its years of slumber if the leadership is determined”.

In her remarks, the Presidential candidate of KOWA in the past election, Remi Sonaiya, expressed worries that corruption had intensely impeded development in the land, saying, “in Italy where cases of corruption is rife, the case is not the same with what we have here where you turn the tap and water is not running.

“The question is; if you can still get water in Italy in spite of cries about corruption in that country how did they do it? A government that seeks to proffer solution to corruption should, in itself, be disciplined. Absolute transparency in the conduct of our business is required.

“We should take a cue from Republic of Benin where change was brought into processes of doing things. In that country, government businesses were refocused and processes of registration of business and perfecting documents were treated with dispatch. In our country Nigeria, things must change for the better”, the female politician charged.