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Why My Relationship With Yetunde Bustline Crashed – Babatunde

Posted: May 2, 2015 at 12:05 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

For some time, the relationship between top actor, Babatunde Benard and UK based celebrity journalist and blogger, Yetunde Oduwole, popularly known as ‘Bustline’ has been under scrutiny. The two were believed to be married some years back and they have been living together in London. The source of concern was that Babatunde is a lot younger than Yetunde, and there is about a 10 year gap between the two. Both of them however have been silent over the matter.

Yetunde ‘Bustline’ and Babatunde when the going was good

Yetunde ‘Bustline’ and Babatunde when the going was good

During the week however, the actor opened up on his relationship with Yetunde. He finally confirmed that they are finally through with the relationship. He also dropped a shocker, he was never married to her legally. In the expose he said, “I was never married to Yetunde Bustline, and I never lived in London. I just go on visits the way normal people do. As for our relationship, I believe age is indeed a barrier in relationships. Every man will be happy when they have control over their woman, but I didn’t have any control over her. Besides, I don’t like people who are too extroverted. She was always quick to expose anything that happened between us.

“I never caught her with any man, but I just thought I needed to keep a distance from her. Many people thought that I was married to her, but that wasn’t so. Contrary to what people believe, I also didn’t benefit anything from her. Many people thought that she got me a British stay, and that I’m lazy, but I work and earn my own money. I make money from my movies. People living in London are not necessarily better off than those of us here in Nigeria. I just thank God that I’m not with her again, he said”

Babatunde also revealed how the relationship started in the first place. His words, “When I went to the UK, I was not in any relationship. I also had to advise girls to be careful too.  They usually go after internet fraudsters, and the so-called big boys.  They usually look down on people like us. But my relationship with Bustline started on a platonic note. I had never met her before, and because I’m not an internet person, I didn’t even know anything about her. It was later that I found out about some of the things she had done. However, I still continued with her, because I believe that I don’t have to judge anyone by his or her past. We continued our normal relationship, but I realised that it couldn’t work, so I opted out. You can check my Facebook page, and other social media, she is not there. I’m not attached to her in any way.”