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I Receive Over 3,000 Phone Calls Daily –Ihezuo

Posted: Jun 20, 2015 at 3:10 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Abuja most celebrated prophetess, Nkiru Ihezuo popularly known as ‘Mummy’, is founder, God Divine Answers Ministry, Apo.  In an encounter with Sam Anokam,  young and beautiful prophetess, also a gospel singer, tells us how her covenant with God started at age 10 among other issues.

The power of God flows mightily when you sing or your band praises God, why is it so?

Nkiru Ihezuo

Nkiru Ihezuo

I love singing so much and whenever I sing heaven opens. In fact, if you want to win God’s heart sing to bring down His glory, God loves song so much. Then, you pray to make your request, because His heart is open to listen and He will definitely grant your desires. Some people don’t understand the efficacy of singing. When I sing a song without praying you must have a testimony in your life. When God spoke to me concerning this ministry, He gave me two speakers as gift. God loves songs.

What are the messages contained in your albums titles, Testimony Vol 1 & 2?

No matter the difficulties you are facing in life, it is only God that is the ultimate solution not the native doctor. You must have faith in God, the high rate of death in the society is caused by people’s involvement with demonic powers. So, I am pleading with everyone to embrace God and benefit from His marvellous love, where your life will be filled with joy and happiness. When you listen to Testimony Vol 1 and 2, you will be blessed.

At what age did God begin to use you as a vessel?

According to what my parents and relatives told me about my childhood, God started using me at the age of two.  But, I realised my calling at the age of 10 and God used me to do wonders in our community. As a child, I didn’t joke with whatever that concerns God. I worked for God to the extent of requesting from my parents to become a reverend sister, but my parents refused, because they were Anglicans not Catholics. Luckily, at the age of 18 years, God gave me a husband after my heart from a Catholic background, and my love for the doctrine grew. Most reverend fathers are my close friends, they hardly believe that I am not from a Catholic background, because of my involvement in church. My love for our mother Mary is not negotiable. But, I strongly believe we are serving one God. My Evangelist Elisabeth Onuoha worships in Living Faith, while my pastor, Chinedu Ezenma Murphy is a Redeem member. We are one in the body of Christ and God has been using them to assist me in the ministry. In fact, my children also attend Redeem children Bible lessons, because of the way they teach the words of God and I’m happy with every denomination in the body of Christ.

Do you have any plans to set up a church in the future?

I can’t go against the purpose of God. It’s a ministry, we worship God every Wednesday and second Friday night vigils. And we go to the mountain for deliverance Fridays. I wouldn’t convert it to a church, because of the large crowd. On Sundays, I attend Catholic church as a Catholic. Meanwhile, we are planning to build a cathedral soon, because our prayer house is no longer conducive, due to the population and it’s an open ground, where God saved me from assassination sometime ago.

As a child whenever you give prophecy, do people take you serious?

My mother told me they didn’t take it serious because of my age. But, they started taking it serious at the manifestation of the prophecies. Though, I have never thought of having a ministry, but just working for God but, God made it mandatory to gather people to worship Him and called it, ‘God Divine Answers Ministry’. Sincerely, for over six years, I have never gone out for rally to preach to people about my ministry, but God evangelises and announced the ministry to the world. People travel from far and near to seek the face of God in the ministry, foreigners even Nigerians based in different countries like Germany, United States, France, Holland, Asia to mention but a few are members of our ministry. And I also travel abroad to minister.

You got married at the age of 18, how has marital life been so far?

We have been married for 11 years now. God blessed us with four lovely children, two boys and two girls. My last child is six years. We met at a wedding ceremony when I was 15 years and he was among the people I served and I called him brother, not knowing he will become my husband. He later travelled abroad and came back three years later to propose to me, affirming how his late father gave me to him in his dream. I thank God for blessing me with a man after my heart, he is neat, handsome, caring and has the fear of God. And above all, my love, Paul Ihezuo is supportive, is not every man that will tolerate his wife giving much attention to serving God.

What has been your challenge as a minister of God?

Honestly, the only challenge I’m facing is been unable to rest. But, I am not complaining, instead I try to crack jokes whenever I’m tired. Sincerely, if I die today, I will die a happy person doing the work of God. So, the stress people give is normal in God’s vineyard. My phone rings till the early hours of the morning. Sometimes, they will call at midnight for prayers that their loved ones are dying and some will call unnecessarily to disturb your sleep. You will attest to how my phone has been ringing since you came in, over 3, 000 people call me daily. Sometimes, my evangelist receives my calls. But, I find joy that God is using me to set the captives free from the wicked hands of their enemies.

Aside spiritual impartation, how has members benefited from your ministry?

I don’t think it should be for public consumption, because the reward is from God not man. But if you insist, I wouldn’t mention some of them here, but members of my ministry are aware of it. I have affected the lives of some homeless families by providing shelter for them. I am training 23 pupils in primary and secondary schools aside16 students in the university, not that I am financially buoyant, but it is my calling to affect lives positively. We also we have three orphanage homes in Abuja which we support monthly with cash gifts and items.

You always cover your hair, you don’t wear makeup, but dresses decently, what advise do you have for women on fashion?

Initially, you can’t see my natural hair, because I always cover my hair, since I pray always. In fact, the picture you see is the first time my hair was exposed, because people rumoured it’s where my power lies! Some said something is eating up my hair that’s why I don’t expose it. And my husband was not comfortable with the way I always cover my hair when sleeping. So, I had to go to saloon to re-touch my hair for the world to see as directed by the Holy Spirit. Women should dress decently, instead of exposing their bodies, especially married women. And every woman needs to embrace God, because life without God is useless.