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Re: How PDP Betrayed Accord With APGA: A Journalist’s Self Deceit

Posted: May 3, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Ordinarily one would have decided to ignore a report in Daily Independent of Thursday, April, 30, 2015, page 35 by one Chukwujekwu Ilozue titled “How PDP betrayed accord with APGA” but on a second thought, it would amount to conspiracy of silence if nobody speaks to firstly nip in the bud the dangerously but divisive politics of sentiments being played out by the reporter.

The writer who I know is a journalist of many years experience threw caution and professionalism to the wind and chose to dance naked in the political market.

He began with how he thought an accord was reached between the Peoples Democratic Party,( PDP) and the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) under the leadership of the former Governor of Anambra state, Mr. Peter Obi. He also said that while Obi held sway, the accord was still in tact until the emergence of a new king in the state who probably did not respect the accord or threw it away as part of operation destroy all that the present administration in the state is doing.

At the beginning of the write- up, you would be tempted to believe he was writing about a purported agreement or accord between PDP and APGA as political parties until, when he lost his emotion and descended dangerously  on the Senator -elect for Anambra central senatorial zone, Mrs. Uche Ekwunife.

One will begin to ask question why the writer only chose to dissect the election that brought Ekwunife up as a senator elect since he was discussing the accord between the two political parties. From the write up also, the writer exhibited his hatred for Ekwunife and attacked her without any respect and recourse to the ethics of his own noble journalism profession as if the accord between PDP and APGA existed only in Anambra central zone.

The naked dance by Chukwujekwu Ilozue is shameful especially in his failed bid to deceive the people through his jaundiced and poorly constructed write- up that was full of lies.

Why must the writer keep on saying that the accord failed in the state and yet, never mentioned any other senatorial zone in the state that also fell to the superior political power of PDP? Maybe, Ilozue should be reminded that Mrs. Ekwunife was and still remains the only candidate that toured all the wards, communities and local government areas twice during the electioneering campaigns.

However, there were many reasons to ignore his write up which to me is a mere expression of frustration.

Ilozue was a witness to massive and issue -based campaigns carried out by Ekwunife. During the campaign, Nagu witnessed a great event, which included but not limited to the commissioning of over 4km road built by Ekwunife in the community. Various Nawgu citizens are till date in various levels of civil service, courtesy of Mrs. Uche Ekwunife and yet he thinks the people of the zone are daft that they will not differentiate between quality and quantity.

Yes, he kept on eulogizing Chief Victor Umeh as the life wire of APGA. Who wouldn’t do what Umeh is doing if the person has the whole structure of an ailing political party built around him. That Umeh is the pillar of APGA is not and was never considered a reason by the people of the zone to vote for him, rather, they went for a woman whose antecedents and political foresightedness they have seen, felt and touched.

• Ikenna Igwe wrote in from Amenyi, Awka