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Should Rape Victims Procure An Abortion?

Posted: Jul 7, 2015 at 12:56 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Adenike Cole

They shouldn’t because it’s not right, abortion is same as murder. The fact that she’s pregnant doesn’t mean she’s hopeless because that child should bring a bright future. You can dedicate just one year taking care of the child if you feel you might not fulfill your dreams and still move on. I understand that there are people out there who had children out of wedlock and are still making it, so what’s your excuse? Personally, I believe everything happens for a reason and God has a purpose for all of us. That child could be an agent of liberation. If we can’t create bab ies here on earth so why should we kill them?


Rosemary Udenson

I can never advice an abortion because that child is also a victim of circumstance and will definitely grow up to be a great child in future. The Bible warns against killing because it’s proportional to abortion.


Promise Kwenehojo

No, I don’t believe in abortion. What if she ends up losing her life in the process? Before God gives life to any or every seed, he has a plan for that seed. There’s no mistake with God. If he didn’t have a plan, he wouldn’t give life to that seed. Even if the child will feel bad after learning the circumstances which led to his birth, he’ll learn to forgive and move on when he gets to accept Christ and will end up understanding that it happened for a reason.


Jigah Love

Abortion is forcefully removing a foetus from the womb and not allowing it to mature and grow to form a child. I don’t think that exercise should be carried out by one who was raped as that foetus that they are planning to get rid of is a prospective human being like each and every one of us. My Bible says children are gifts, if you lost your virginity to a wicked person, that shouldn’t make you hurt yourself more; removing the baby might not heal your emotional, psychological or physical hurt.

Abortion on it’s own is a dangerous thing as the mother is not even assured of living after it has been carried out, it’s too risky for the mother and the child. How about keeping the child and taking care of the baby? Who knows what that baby will offer to the mother or to society in the long run, if well taken care of? I understand it’s not easy dealing with issues of rape, especially when a child comes out of it but it’s more painful to loved ones if they lose the baby and the mother in the process of abortion.


Chinwe Ubani-Ebere

An abortion won’t be the best option, abortion itself is the real re-victimization. It would be a further act of violence against your body and the unborn child. You might think the birth of the child won’t bring anything good because he/she is a result of a horrible repulsive act but perhaps, God or fate will use the child for a great purpose. Good can come from evil. By giving birth, you can reclaim some of your lost self-esteem. Giving birth especially when conception was not desired is a totally selfless act, a display of courage, strength and honor, a proof that you’re better than the rapist.


Walex Adegbamigbe

Well, I think the age should be considered. If above 20, it’s not advisable.  It is because a lot of damage could be caused. Apart from the age factor, she should consider the side effects and if she can bear the shame and withdrawal from people. I know of ladies who come for lectures with pregnancy because this abortion thing kills which is not to her advantage. Biblically, it’s a sin. Regardless of how she got pregnant, if she’s old enough to carry it and deliver safely but not withstanding, aborting should always be far from it in terms of finding a solution.