Ramadan: We’ve Set Aside N60m To Feed Less Privileged –Yobe Govt | Independent Newspapers Limited
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Ramadan: We’ve Set Aside N60m To Feed Less Privileged –Yobe Govt

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Alhaji Bukar Modu Jumbam is the Permanent Secretary, Yobe State Ministry of Religious Affairs. In an interview with newsmen in Damaturu, including Mohammed Abubakar, Jumbam speaks on the activities of his minAistry which include free feeding of the masses and especially the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the month of Ramadan, among other issues.



Which will you say are some of the important activities of your ministry?

Yes, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to express some programmes of our ministry. The Yobe State Government as you know under the administration of Dr. Ibrahim Gaidam introduced free feeding programme to the masses every fasting period; this programme has been sustained since he became the Governor of the state. Our ministry via his gesture has been giving support to clerics (Ulamas) who deliver preaching (Tafsir) across the state.

This fasting year, the state government approved the sum of N60 million to feed the less privileged in the society despite the dwindling oil revenue in the country where some states even found it difficult to pay their workers salary. We thank God here in Yobe State everything is on course, after payment of our staff salary we are able to sustain our people-oriented programmes by approving the sum of N60 million for the feeding of the masses and additional N12 million as support to the preachers (Ulamas) across the state in order to undertake the general enlightenment of the people in terms of Tafsir, commentaries of the Quran and intervention to traditional Ulamas in imparting knowledge in their domain.

What we are trying to say is that Yobe State being one of the Sharia states has imbibed this practice of incorporating various Islamic activities done by individuals in order to harmonise the concept of preaching in the state which is being guided by the Preaching Edict of 1994 of Yobe State. So this is the summary of our programmes as far as Ramadan, feeding and Tafsir are concerned.

We have 33 feeding centres in Ramadan fasting month across the 17 local government areas of the state; as per the enlightenment centres we have 157 centres for Tafsir across the state, 170 centres for Nasiha and we have 160 centres for intervention which the N12 million approved is meant for it.

All the Ulamas were the ones staying with their communities, imparting the knowledge; they are the religious leaders, we want to strengthen them, we want to build confidence in them so that we do not have conflict in cases where someone with different doctrine will confuse the followers by creating problems which resulted to one of the religious conflicts we are in now. That is why we decided to regulate, enforce, motivate, supervise and appoint those to do the exercise in line with the recommendation of the 40 Sharia committees.

How many people are you targeting?

If we talk of the Tafsir segmented, there is the Quran reciter and translator, they are paired, we have 157 centres; you multiply it by two. As per the Nasiha we have 170 and for the intervention we have 160; all these people we give them certain allowances ranging from N5,000  to N15,000 and if we talk of the feeding programme it depends of the size of the people at the centre, we have targeted not less than 500 people in a centre, every day each centre is expected to cook at least one and half bag of rice coupled with other meals. In the villages we split the centres to reach the rural areas, at least 16,500 people targeted to benefit daily.

In the case of Gujba Local Government where their people are mostly IDPs, we have directed the committee to identify their locations and reach out to them, we package the food and give them. As per Gulani Local Government most of the residents have returned to their homes, they are already settled in their areas and the rest are staying here in Damaturu. They have been considered in our programme.

What can you say on the programme?

We have it on record that some well-meaning individuals are emulating the gesture of our amiable Governor; we got this report from our Sharia committees. Some of our legislators have emulated our feeding programmes, we are happy with this development. It will go a long way in cushioning the hardship of our people. That is the call of the Islam and Sharia to share the little you have with your neighbour.