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Ramadan, Food Prices Shot Up

Posted: Jul 5, 2015 at 1:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Yinka Shokunbi  –  Lagos


Consumers around the country are groaning once again over the prices of food commodities especially foodstuffs and provisions as the Ramadan enters two weeks.

Many consumers who spoke to our correspondent in Lagos and major markets in Abeokuta lamented the high cost of items such as Beans, rice, plantain, yam as well as provisdions like Milk, Sugar, beverages among others.

Our Correspondent was at the Mile 12 International market, Lagos on Wednesday when some trailers were off-loading baskets of tomatoes and Bawa as well as Chilli pepper; though these were very inviting in cplour but the owners were not willingto sell in large quantity to those who often make their purchases off the trucks.

Mallam Abu Yishau a truck owner from Kano told Daily Independent, “It is usually this time that tomatoes and pepper are costly due to the fact that our drivers get tired for driving long distance as a result of the fasting period”

A truck driver, Ibraheem said, He usually makes the trip from Bauch to Lagos in two days but with fasting, it takes extra half a day and the farmers also slow down harvest durong Ramadan.

Cost of a small basket of Tomatoes goes for between N3, 500 and N5, 000 while the large basket sells for between, N5, 000 and N7, 500 depending on bargaining power.

Some other commodities that are experiencing price increase in Ketu food market include fruits and vegetables.

Plantain, bananas, oranges, mangoes and pears are mostly fruits that are consumed at dawn to break-fast and prices of these essential fruits are way above what they were sold two weeks ago.

A bunch of small banana at Jakande market sells for N2, 000 while 50 pieces of oranges are sold at between N3, 000 and N4, 000 depending on size.

It was a tug-of war as fruit sellers engage in fisticuffs over prices at the Agege market earlier in the week when some items were mixed-up at point of delivery to their owners.

Some traders who bought not too good foodstuff to augment the expensive ones had mixed-ups in their wares and there was heated arguments among colleagues.

However, at Kuto market, Abeokuta, prices of ofada rice was still stable while local yam flour was still reasonably sold at N500 a bowl, an increase of N50 over last week.

Prices of Beans and imported rice as well as crayfish, dried fish among others have equally shot up as consumers have devised mesans of cooking with dry pepper, tined tomatoes and cray fish.