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Public Perception About Bus Conductors Misplaced – Adeshola

Posted: Jun 19, 2015 at 1:34 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

In this chat with Sam Anokam, President and founder, Bus conductors Association of Nigeria (BCAN), Israel Ade Adeshola, talks about what his association is about among other issues.

What is BCAN all about and what value does it want to add to the economy and indeed, the transport sector?

Thank you very much, that’s an interesting question. Well over time, people have been having different opinions and views concerning the bus conductor. Some believe that a conductor is a no-body, a hooligan, and out – cast and a reject of the society in fact a sub human, who should never be mentioned at all. Now the point is that these negative impressions or perceptions held by the public is highly misplaced and untrue. Outside the shores of this nation – take for instance in Great Britain conductors are highly respected, because of their impact to the welfare, safety and security of the passengers. There, the Bus conductor is not looked down upon as a sub – human as I earlier mentioned, but is regarded as an important arm of the transport sector. A situation where the driver, drives and at the same time collects fares and other functions the conductor does, you can imagine the level of danger this kind of practice portends for the passengers. The resultant effect in most cases is fatality.

Israel Ade Adeshola

Israel Ade Adeshola

The job of a bus conductor does not begin and ends with collection of fares and calling passengers into the vehicle, the job goes beyond that, the conductor also functions as a security agent. This is the greatest value the conduct brings to the table. When a criminal enters a bus, the driver in most cases may not know, but the conductor will quickly recognize the criminal and in most cases they ask the suspected person to disembark from the bus. So to answer your question directly our primary objective is to reform and re-brand the conductors for safety, sanity and security; change their orientation and make them better members of the society and also add value and responsibility to the profession and indeed the economy. So, in a nutshell, we are saying that the security agents should work hand in hand with the conductors, that way they will be able to pass relevant information to the security agents. The security agents can only function well and effectively if there is provision of adequate and valuable information to them, and the bus conductor is in a good position to do this.


We have a new government in place now, headed by his Excellency, Mohammadu Buhari what is your advice to the new president?

Quite friendly I will say that Buhari’s victory at the presidential polls is an unmerited favour from God Almighty. His victory is simply the handwork and design of God. Therefore he should always seek God’s face before he takes any decision, so that he will not make mistakes. The moment he does this, you will see him succeed in all fronts. Again I will advice him to carry every section of the country along. Let there be equity and justice in whatever he does. Nigeria belongs to all of us, therefore whoever God has placed there as the leader, should see himself as the father of all. The president should tackle corruption with all the seriousness it deserves because this has been the bane of this nation, it has been the reason why people suffer in the midst of plenty. Nigeria is richly blessed in both human and natural resources, but our problem why we are where we are today is basically as a result of endemic corruption. Majority of Nigerians voted for president Buhari, because of his past antecedents. Even people that were not born in 1983, who knew nothing about him voted on account of his past record as a man who hates corruption with passion so, this is the mindset of majority of Nigerians that voted for him, they believe that his government will wrestle corruption to the ground and give the nation a new lease of life.

What kind of people do you wish to see in the Buhari Cabinent?

Well, like every other patriotic Nigerian, I would like to see in Buhari’s cabinet men and women, who fear God, and who have the interest and love of this country at heart. I would like to see committed people who truly want to serve and not to be served. I want to see men and women who want to advance the course of this country; I want to see men and women of honour, integrity and honesty who are selfless and passionately committed to the growth and development of our great country Nigeria. I tell you what, Nigeria is truly blessed, all it takes is for the right people to do the right things and Nigeria will be at the height God has destined it to be.


Your association focuses so much on youth development and empowerment. What is your expectation from this government concerning the youths?

Bus Conductors’ Association of Nigeria is a youth oriented programme. No doubt the association is targeted at the youths. It is an association that very much believes in the growth and development of the Nigerians youths. We have over 1,000 graduates who are youths and members of BCAN. There is high level of unemployment in the country. However unemployment is not limited to Nigeria alone. It is a global phenomenon occasioned by the world wide economic meltdown. This has resulted in so many of our able bodied men and women, mostly youths, jobless. This situation is very frustrating. And the resultant effect is high crime rate and other vices. An idle hand, they say is the devil’s workshop.

It is this deplorable situation and it’s attendant fall–outs that BCAN seeks to cushion, by establishing this great association. As stated earlier on the BCAN programme is primarily targeted at the youth who constitute 80 percent of its members. The truth of the matter is that we cannot expect the government to provide job for all Nigerians. It is practically impossible. So whatever ideas or programme that could provide employment for Nigerians should be encouraged and supported. What we are talking about here is self – empowerment. An association such as the Bus Conductors’ Association of Nigeria BCAN, with good prospects to provide massive employment for Nigerians should be encouraged and supported by the government.

That is why we are using this medium to call on the Buhari Government to support and encourage an association such as BCAN and other associations and organization that have good intentions for the nation and has the potential to offer employment to the Nigerian masses.

As a matter of fact, between now and one year, we are going to give employment to over 1,000,000 Nigerians. BCAN is beyond personal interest. It is all about national interest. We therefore expect the present Government of his Excellency Mohammad Buhari to empower the youths through the programmes provided by the Bus Conductors’ Association of Nigeria. His government should focus on youth empowerment. People who have bright ideas that could move the country forward only need government support and encouragement.

Let us help the government to make life better for all of us. Therefore, BCAN is our humble contribution to improve the lives of our people, particularly the youths, and help take them off the streets and curb their restiveness.