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Prince Eze Madumere and Okorocha re-enacts south east dreams

Posted: Apr 3, 2015 at 12:56 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Saheed Bakare


“Man, know thyself; it is only then you can help others”. This timeless axiom is to eternal credit of irrepressible Aristotle, the ebullient and redoubtable philosopher of all times. And a lot has changed since the voicing of these great words, but only in other lands and climes where adherent to moral re-armament is a daily preoccupation.

As the saying goes, ‘behind every success, is ambition; behind every ambition, is effort; behind every effort, is someone who is ready to dare’. These are the prerequisite for all interested record breakers that must emerge within a societal milieu.

This is the story of Prince Eze Madumare and Okorocha. Since they blazed the political train and constituted into an albatross to the godfathers and anti progress variables, the nation’s polity has witnessed tremendous and some redeeming graces. They have been able to achieve innumerable strides because they know themselves in accordance with Aristotle’s  admonition.

It has been opined in some quarters that  Prince Eze Madumere and Okorocha are the true re-embodiment of the warriors of south east state- those who fought for the actualization of the peoples dignity- which was later decentralized by parochial  divisiveness of tunnel- vision  leadership of Nigerian nation. It is said that their spirit converged on Prince Eze Madumere and Okorocha for the purpose of redeeming the people of the region and by extension Nigeria at large.

We have endured the rain and are desirous and deserving of the rainbow. Succinctly put, Imo state has been priced free from the grip of anti-progressive variables. This is their funeral, and also the interment of bad governance in the state and rejuvenation of politics of popular participation. But this is the frustration of anti-democratic forces that prefer their self-interests to the political emancipation of the people. It is particularly alarming that in spite of the huge competent human investment that God placed on Imo political firmament that it took us over a decade to retrieve our cactus pact. It would interest you to know that south east State was created on the bases of plebiscite; after more than two decades of selfless struggles by the representatives of the peoples of the region, the south east state was created and supported by a referendum.

The event would have forever remained a watershed and determining factor in the history of Nigeria Federalism, but for sabotage, occasioned by self-serving politicians. This marked the end of federalist movement in Nigeria.

South east states were founded on the people’s will; people bound in common, aspiration and destiny. The uniqueness of south east states creation was tripartite:  (a) They were the first state to be created in Nigeria; (b) They remain the only Nigerian states to be created by constitutional means ,not by godfather fiat ; and (c) its creation facilitated a stronger voice for the articulation of minority rights in Nigerian political space that thrives on injustices and marginalization.

50 year on, in the course of nation-being, the process is still suffering collateral damage of equal indifference, down the road. One is amazed with the promptitude with which the southeast states, albeit Imo state by unmistakable extension has fallen flat unto the hands of spurious political elite who relish over disastrous hearse that conveys federalism to her early grave.

It is pertinent to note at this juncture that a highly centralized government does more harm to the nation state as it is capable of eroding and arm-stringing the federating units. This is the stock in trade of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP), in Nigerian embryonic polity to always ensure that democratic principle prevails.

But suffice it to say that because the PDP harbours more anti-democratic elements in its ranks it will be difficult, if not impossible to adhere tangentially to these given principles. The ruling political party in Nigeria has failed in this regard. PDP forfeits its responsibilities as a guiding light to political dynamism of the Nigerian society. Rather, it is demanding of Nigerians an unholy coalition where they submit their voting rights at the altar of political compromise.

In the south east, the people’s vote hardly count in the region ; especially since 1999 when the peoples’ quest for the ousters of military boys and the zeal for democratic yoked another authoritarian rule on the people; via the godfathers imperialism. Judicial intervention in the main has been a drop in the ocean, but it has, to some extent prevented Nigeria from degenerating into a state of nature  where one is to himself and God for us all and that is more why Prince Eze Madumere and Okorocha deserves more support.


•Bakare wrote in from Lagos