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President Muhamadu Buhari’s Broom Revolution

Posted: Jul 25, 2015 at 4:14 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Eugene Uwalaka


Without praxis President Muhammadu Buhari’s broom revolution will amount to nothing more than a talk shop involving over promises and under-delivery. The type of Buharism the nation direly needs is only achievable via praxis oriented democracy in a mixed government. Any Buharism that fails to employ praxis will fail. This is because democracy is deliberative and majoritarian. It’s involves accountability, due process, separation of powers, rule of law and transparency as basic principles. Again, a mixed government anchored on three realms cannot achieve praxis on the action and activities of a single realm in view of the interdependence of the realms.

A shrewd Chief Executive, (and I think President Buhari is one) should be versed in the theory of games (I don’t want to call this divide-and-rule tactics). President Buhari must note ab-initio that the legislature is like water. It can put off the fire that burns it, more so when it has coordinate powers. Though Buhari is the head of state, there is no hire-and-fire relationship between the chief executive and the legislature. Therefore Buhari should be wary how he uses the party platform to harass or intimidate the legislature(Read the Ethics of Political Leadership).

In the context of this essay, unless Mr. President interprets his power of Head of State as the head of all the estates, he cannot, achieve, the healthy degree of interdependence and mutual under standing needed to goad and prod both the legislature and the judiciary in, the direction of his vision policies and programs. From what is happening at the NASS, Buhari has already burnt his fingers. A chief executive ought to be on top of what is happening at the National Assembly. He must not allow the type of failures the public perceives in his communication psychology. For now, the party under his leadership looks like the Buridian ASS that was sandwiched between two haystacks but starved to death because it did not know which to choose. Our beloved head of state should not allow the party organisation to put him in this type of quandary or dilemma where head  or tail the legislature wins. He must train himself to carry the legislature along by conceding the legislature its independence. It is not negotiable. Mr. President should note that the party is not supreme in this. After elections the doctrine of party supremacy becomes a toxic vocabulary. President Muhammadu Buhari must also note that the other bureaucratic estates are not under obligation to key into his vision, priorities and programs unless they are properly persuaded. Unless President Buhari begins to appreciate that the executive, the legislature and the judiciary have coordinate powers, he cannot appreciate the need for the shrewd management of strategic power relations. He cannot evolve the appropriate communication psychology to motivate them to action. Note I have played communication up in order to play down confrontation. The repeated jousts we see between the legislature and the executive arises from the failure of the executive to appropriately philosophize and psychologize on what it communicates to the other realms of government. The legislature contains not only maverick but also temporizing politicians who don’t give a damn on who wins and who loses in a zero-sum- game. The executive cannot pocket maverick and temporizing politicians like Saraki and Dogara. Having chipped in this caveat may I ask Mr. President to tell Nigerians how he understands the mission statement given to him by God. Buhari is not Mr. President today because he was overwhelmingly voted in by Nigerians. He is President Buhari today because God elected him. God’s call motif usually has a context. It is this context I call the mission statement. Buhari may not know he entered into a covenant, wittingly or unwittingly some 32 years ago with God to clean up the nation, to rid the country, the bureaucracy, the family, the schools, the churches and mosques of corruption and indiscipline. In a wholistic covenant context Mr. President has been empowered by God to be the father of a democratic Nigeria. He must use this power to rebuild and develop the nation.

Boko-Haram is the outcome of the lopsided development and unending mismanagement of the national economy. Previous leaders failed woefully to develop and convert our national resources to national powers. Boko-Haram is the outcome of the total failure of our informal security mechanisms. Because the informal security mechanisms have failed there is an implosion and the nation is at war with itself. Let Mr. President not be deceived when he goes to USA to see his colleague President Barack Obama. Barack Obama has stunned the world, he shocked his admirers with his new diplomatic stuff- the gay marriage shibboleth. President Robert Mugabe has offered Barack Obama his hand in marriage. One hopes that Muhammadu Buhari a muslim like Barack Obama, is not going to be constrained by the pressures from Boko-Haram to become Obama’s second husband in consideration for diplomatic aid. With or without USA, Nigeria has been abundantly blessed by God to contain and defeat Boko-Haram. Buhari should look more inwards than outwards. But the policy-mix is as important as the strategy-mix.

War, agriculture and megacity industrial development in the south east areas that are thrown up by our circumstances. The effort Buhari puts in this strategic policy triad can create the very circumstances we want. This writer believes that government has already received gratuitous guidance and counseling from both public and private sources on the war effort and agriculture.

Therefore, I shall direct my counseling to the megacity industrial development to be located in the south east. If Buhari wants to immortatize Nigeria and unwittingly leave indelible foot prints his government should commence forth with the building of a mega-city the third leg of a united Nigeria in the south east. This megacity should be at least equal to or greater than the city of Abuja. Job opportunities are offered our teeming unemployed graduates and youths in the war effort, in agriculture and in this south-eastern-megacity project. Mr President should forth with mobilize and harness the resources of the legislature and the judiciary and blend these into the executive know-how to kick-start the realization of a mega-industrial-city project in the south-east.

Mr. President must avoid anything that gives his government out as a family at war with itself. Conflicts between the realms must be minimized if not totally avoided. The legislature may refuse to open its sense box while debating critical and crucial national issues like Boko-Haram, energy, industrialization, employment et-al. The legislature’s coat of arms may look like a fools cap on a donkey’s head. Yet, the executive not the party, not even the electorate can dictate to the National Assembly who shall be its leader(s).