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President Buhari And Police Postings To Niger Delta.

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Posted: Jun 27, 2016 at 2:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)


By Willy Bozimo.

From the recent directive to the new Police IGP, IDRISI from Niger State, Mr. President seemed to have a predilection for sons of his soil.

With a consuming phobia against people from other parts of the country not to stay around him, he has directed the new IGP to move en masse all police officers from the rank of AIGs. About 20 of them had been retired automatically.

Another marching order given to the new IGP is for the mass transfer of all policemen to be transferred out of Niger Delta States.

The president believes and fears that the whole of the police in the Niger Delta had compromised with the militants in the region, and that if they stayed any longer they could cause a greater harm.

The President is mistaken and did not know that while many officers in the Military and Navy top brass are always involved in bunkering affairs, the police are nobodies when matters of bunkering and pipeline bursting are concerned.

The result of this order would mean all the State Commissioners of Police would be hardcore northerners, who are expected to terrorize and intimidate the governments and peoples in the South- South.

When a President believes that only his ethnic officers can be relied upon to be loyal to the country and head of government, then, he is yet to create a friendly environment for Nigerians to live together as one people.

When a president places so much premium on my people first and last in the scheme of things and governance, then a divisive tendency pervades the system.

One thing is becoming clear as we daily chorus and act in a manner that it is only one’s own people that must be seen dancing disco dances in our courts.

In a country made up of over 400 tribes and more dialects, for a President to lose faith in other groups outside his own is a dangerous trend and precedence.

The police is a friend of civilians, and if the ultimate grand design is to send all police in the Niger Delta out of the region, will they be sent to North East where refugees and Internally Displaced people are not in a hurry to return to their homes of domiciliation, fearing that the snipers of Boko Haram could pounce on them at will any day.

If the directive to send all police men in the Niger Delta is because they may have compromised their jobs then we might as well transfer all customs officers, Immigration officers and Prison authorities be sent forth out of the poisoned territory.

It is an unacceptable policy of a creepy and creeping ‘Fulanisation’ if not a systemic Northernisation, of the entire system.   If you ask me, why did we fight the Biafra/Nigeria civil war?, why fight Boko Haram, who wanted an Islamic country of its own? And being a Muslim, one would have expected a President of Muslim extraction would have been more sympathetic to its cause.

The war against the Niger Delta militants jockeying for a Republic of the Oil Producing Area is meant to preserve the territorial integrity of the country and also to engage in the continuous exploitation and exploration of the gas and oil resources that had sustained the country for the past fifty years.

Reports filtering into my desk seem to suggest that the proposed mass movement of policemen posted to Niger Delta may have been propelled by their suspected roles during the various gubernatorial and Presidential elections during which members of the ruling party APC believed the police had a greater hand in ensuring the PDP won all the elections at the gubernatorial levels.

I think, the decision to move the police out of the South- South is rather pre-emptive and consolidates more friendly police to the ruling party against future elections.

I see the move as a misdirected aggression against colourless and powerless police men who have become the whipping boys of the military high command.

A President and Commander in chief does not need to patently exhibit an allergy against ethnic nationalities of other groups. All he needs is to give the right marching orders to any Police Commissioner, not matter the ethnic coloration. If he over stretches its phobia for other groups, he is merely diminishing his over- all father figure of all Nigerians.

As a self- confessed born again democrat, the more he displays his touch of humane and democratic feelings, the better for us all. Ruling over 180 million Nigerians is neither a tea nor Tuwo Shinkafa party.