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Practical Guide To Good Health –A Review

Posted: Aug 2, 2015 at 12:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Title:  The Green Pathway to Health and Recovery (Home Grown Option For Third World Countries)

Author:  Frances Ngozi Chukwukere

Reviewer: Dr. Nick Irabor Publishers:  Alphabet Nigeria Publishers

No of pages: 330

It is an established axiom that the most effective approach to good health is by preventive rather than curative measures. Differently put, the advocacy for good health lays emphasis on the need for people to take pre-emptive measures to limit their vulnerability or exposure to diseases through ensuring a healthy environment, as well as cultivating health eating habits.

The book, The Green Pathway To Health And Recovering: Home- Grown Options in the Third World Countries, offers a comprehensive programme that would guide anybody who is desirous of maintaining a healthy life profile through natural, easy-to-apply means. As the author, Mrs. Frances Ngozi Chukwukere Ph.D, puts it “Ill health is not caused by ancestral forces or spiritual attacks. Diseases that personably run in families may be the result of a long tradition of family habits.”

The author insists that the time has come when people should do deep introspection into their life styles, most especially in over loading their bodies with all sorts of foods and drinks with very high toxic contents. Instead, Dr. Chukwukere advocates that those who hanker for good health should “look around and reach out for the local foods, fruits, vegetables and organic meats in your environment” and, according to her, “add some exercise.”

Essentially, therefore, the book is meant to be a practical guide to good health through healthy eating habits and by putting into effective use natural food ingredients and a habit of keeping the environment free of toxic element. Perhaps no other passage in the book best presents this message: “Food is important for human substance and therefore indispensable to our survival…However, food becomes a problems on its own, causing more harm than good when improperly taken, as in two significant ways: over consumption and ingestion of toxin,” the authority writes.

The 330-page book is divided into 22 chapters. In the first chapter entitled Clearing the Pathway, the author gives an insight into the danger inhabitants of third world countries find themselves owing to ignorance and wrong disposal of wastes and goes ahead to posit that “we must continue to read and monitor our health and environments in search of knowledge as long as we remain alive.”

In chapter two, The Green Pathway, the author gives an insight into why and how she chose the title of the book.

She writes: “Green colour as a typical colour of many plants leaves, symbolizes life as well as human and animal sustenance… Green forms a majority of the Nigerian flag, a sign of peace. To be constantly aware of the environment is to constantly think of ways to protect it.”

Quoting Thomas Berry (1991), the author further posits that “… unless the human community and the natural world go into the future as a sacred community, all would perish in the desert.”

In the remaining 20 chapters, Dr. Chukwukere gives lucid details of what anybody who wants to practically work for good health must do.

With appropriate sub-titles and headings, the author tries to attract the reader who, in spite of the voluminous literature, would discover a sustained interest to the end.

However, there are those who argue that the author delves so much into academic research and gives so many details to the extent that the average reader may become scared on first encounter, giving especially the fact that Nigerians, nay people of the third world, have poor reading habits.

Still, there can be no doubt that “The Green Pathway To Health And Recovery…” is a breakthrough work that should and would revolutionise individual and collective approach to healthy living. Little wonder the few individuals who have already come across the book have rated it so highly as unique, refreshing and exciting.

The book has a foreword written by Professor Julius Okogie, Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC) who notes that “The Green Pathway necessitates a closer attention to our feeding, to live actively and in the avoidance of toxins and pollution that are the bane of the present century and the one preceding it…”

Professor Peter Okebukola, a renown educationist, describes the book thus: “A brilliant work with far-reaching implications for humans and their environments. This book is a must read.”

Interestingly, the author’s area of discipline stands world apart from the subject matter of the book.

Chukwukere, an Associate Professor in the Imo State University, holds a Ph.D in Linguistics.