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Power Outage Disrupts NASS Proceedings

Posted: May 8, 2015 at 7:32 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Rotimi Akinwumi Abuja

The House of Representatives was forced to temporarily suspend plenary on Thursday due to series of power outages that lasted 30minutes.

The blackout which occurred four times during a two and a half hour proceeding began at about a quarter past 12noon when plenary the ongoing session of the parliament was forced to be suspended due to power outage.

Though, power was restored about 20minutes after, the situation however did not normalise as the sockets within the chamber were not functioning.

It thus affected the public address system within the chambers which were left paralysed for some minutes, thereby stretching the dormant period further.

Some members who decided to make jokes out of the unpalatable situation were intermittently shouting “PDP” “PDP” in reference to the party in power which is been taunted as having failed in the provision of power to the nation.

The Deputy Speaker, Emeka Ihedioha who presided over the plenary also made efforts at retaliating the joke being made of the the situation as he also cracked series of jokes  to calm lawmakers down – reminding them that they are patriotic Nigerians; and that they can work without air-conditioner.

While these soothing words appeared to calm the lawmakers who continued the plenary without complaints, the power outage occurred again barely 20minutes of resumption of plenary as the proceedings had to be suspended for the second time.

This trend continued for about ten more minutes with some lawmakers shouting “thank God this transformation is ending”, while others insisted it was “change”.

The NASS management seem to have ran into trouble waters for sometime now in terms of financing the running of the National Assembly  as the complex has constantly been thrown into darkness due to inability to fuel the  generating sets which are being used to power the expansive complex.

Other utility services such as water supply have also suffered just as the central airconditioning system, especially at the white House wing of the legislative complex which houses both chambers of the Legislature have not been working well for sometime now.

Besides these inadequacies, many elevators both in the white house and the Reps office  building are also out of service with occasional cases of people being trapped in the ones that are working.