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Power Inventor And Burden Of Government Policy

Posted: Sep 12, 2015 at 12:06 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By John Dugbe


Following the epileptic power supply across the nation, a Sapele Agricultural Engineer and Power Energy Researcher, Orighoye Badaetsetunokan, has invented a device that can generate electricity power, using water as source of energy, called ‘Pabot Engine’.

The researcher who recently conducted reporters around his invention said, “By the grace of God, I have the technology to generate sufficient, constant and affordable power for Nigerians and by extension the world at large.”

“My devise uses renewable energy to generate power for any demand and it is durable and efficient. It can be installed anywhere and it is cost effective to install and maintain and simple to operate. It can offer the needed lasting solution to power generation. It is environmentally friendly and it poses no threat of environmental hazard and it has no obstruction to economic activities.”

According to the inventor, the device is energized with water to provide constant and affordable electricity power, in dire need by Nigerians, imploring the state and Federal Governments, as well as private investors to adopt the concept and facilitate its mass production for the immediate benefit of Nigerians.

He said the Federal Government had on June 17, 2001 given him the patent right on the device, but neither it nor any of the state governments has utilized the opportunity of the devise to make electricity power supply available for the masses of the country.

According to him, “Aside this device, I had earlier developed other devices, including “Palm Juice Extractor” for extracting palm oil from palm fruits, ‘Weed Cutting Machine’ for farmers and gardeners, both of which the federal government had earlier given me patent rights on August 2, 2007. No one has deemed it fit to tap into the aims and benefits of the three devices.

“The Pabot device is capable of generating 30KVA to 1MW of electricity energy, and can be installed at homes, offices and industrial sites. It is between N2m to N100m, depending on the capacity required. The device capacity can be increased to more mega watts (MW) and can be mounted in strategic positions to successfully generate un-interrupted and affordable electricity power to all Nigerians.

 Speaking on how the journey began for him, Badaetsetunokan explained thus:

“It has not been easy coming this far. I trekked for a week to get the N700 to type my proposal. I am jobless since I left the University 10 years ago. Feeding myself and family is difficult thing for me now. I begged to get money to finance my research and produce my prototypes. I have not even been considered for a research grant. If the federal government can come and fund the mass production of all or any of my devices, the country will surely move forward.”

“I am a native of Itsekiri in Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State. I obtained my education from Omatsola Primary School, Sapele in 1986 and Zik Grammar School Sapele in 1992. I trained in Agricultural Engineering at the Obafemi Awolowo University between 1999 to 2003.”

”I am a gifted and talented researcher and inventor with a special ingenuity. I have driving force and motivations to embark on series of research and development with many innovative inventions.”

According to him, Pabot Engine was granted patent right by the federal government after the prototype was subjected to test and Autocad analysis and came out efficient and capable. It however couldn’t be made available for consumers due to the non availability of huge capital for the importation of its raw materials and mass production. 

“Sincerely since to determine the durability and capabilities of a well working Pabot Engine will depend on the superiority of the materials used and a superior fabrication process, huge capital is  also required to guarantee it’s effectiveness in all ramifications. Superior materials and superior fabrication process are not readily available here and to source for same either in Germany or China to guarantee maximum and durable Pabot Engine will surely cost some money, hence the above stated amount cannot be said to be too high,” he said.

Pabot Engine is not in use presently as it has not been readily available for consumers. The inventor is groaning as the money needed to locally source the materials to fabricate it is huge and as such makes it unaffordable for consumers. The inventor has said only the availability of a good amount of money and superior materials can secure it’s availability for consumers. 

The researcher has this to say: “We know that in the engineering world, the efficiency or effectiveness of an engine or machine is usually verified through Autocad analysis and Pabot Engine has successfully passed through this litmus test and declared effective and capable of performing 100 percent.

“I have a prototype with which I put the engineering drawing into test and it works out as expected and produced the expected results as analysed by Autocad. This idea came through scientific research and intuition; the components were analyzed and assembled in an engineering drawing process. It has not been mass produced and made available and affordable. It will only be known after it has been mass produced. Even the palm fruit juice extracting machine suffers the same fate as it is not readily available for consumers now.

“I have approached almost all the major banks for loans and the story is the same. They are demanding for collateral amounting to the quantum of money requested. It is frustrating because I don’t have collateral of such magnitude, even the government contributed to the delay of the mass production of these machines as all my appeal and request for loan from government agencies has all been efforts in futility. The Bank of Agric and Bank of Industry are two major government agencies that have rebuffed my request for loan for the mass production of these machines.

“It’s appalling to think of the frustrating circumstances surrounding the life of researchers and inventors in this country. Most of them operate with no help from the government. Some even find it difficult to cater for their families or fulfill their financial obligations as fathers and husbands. However, I won’t stop thanking God for giving me the strength to continue in my research and inventions of these machines, and for given me a supporting and a virtuous woman as a wife,” he said.