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Power: The handcuffs Of The Nigerian Economy

Posted: May 29, 2015 at 4:40 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Businesses and Organization are shutting down due to the prevailing fuel scarcity in the country. The economy of Nigeria is almost shut down due to the inability of organizations to provide electricity in the running of the day to day activities of their organization.

It is sad that an economy with abundant oil is in a dilemma in the provision of basic petroleum products to its populace. It is also sad that the inability of the government of the day to provide stable power supply has worsened the hardship of the Nigerian people.

I wonder why multinationals such as the telecommunication industry and our various financial institutions can’t at least install solar panel in their various outlets. Solar is cheaper than the diesel being bought on  daily basis. Telecommunication sector needs to power their various signal mast with solar because we need to learn from the difficulty these present fuel scarcity has caused. The government of the day is to be blamed for not being efficient in their task which is the provision of basic social and infrastructural amenities for the Nigerians.

The need to deregulate the oil sector and also privatize every aspect of the power sector is crucial in dealing with the emergency of a new and better Nigeria. There is need for almost every local government to seek privatized means to provide megawatts of electricity that would serve their individual communities. We need to think and explore different alternative means of generating power.

It’s worrisome that the economy of Nigeria could be shut down due to the inadequate supply of fuel. These shows the extent in which the economy has being miss managed, we can Only hope the Buhari’s government would bring sanity and proper policy that would create jobs, uplift the economy and also give the common man hope for a better tomorrow.

Nigeria is ours, we have no other country we can call our own; we need to fight and pray for a better Nigeria. The Buhari’s led government must, at least, get it right because the damage that has been done to our economy is gargantuan and appalling.

• Folawiyo Kareem Hassan-Olajoku, Osogbo, State of Osun