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Power Of Choice, Destiny

Posted: Jul 5, 2015 at 12:26 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Text: Ruth 3:1; Proverb 31:10-28

Few days ago, to the glory of God, we have crossed over to the second half and the third quarter of the year. I am thanking God for you that the whirlwind and turbulence of this moment did not sweep you away. I glorify the name of the Lord again because you escaped at last.

Brethren, there is need for sober reflection and to give thanks to our maker for the wondrous things He has done in this year alone. By the grace of God, as you have seen the end of the first half, you will see the end of the year in Jesus name. I prophecy to your life, the last minute evil of the year will not be your portion in Jesus name. And as we round off the year, every hanging miracle of yester years shall be released for your transformation in Jesus name.

Do you know that the choice you made yesterday is what is affecting your today? Whenever you are faced with the challenge of making choices, let God be involved.

After the decision by Ruth to stick to Naomi and the God of Israel, she never knew what God has in stock for her but she had a vision of greatness about her life, and she put in the condiments required for greatness as Psalm 32:10 and Psalm 125:1 declare that those who trust in God shall be immovable as a mountain and the memories of such one shall stand the test of time, making them reference point in history.

Many are born with great expectation from God and their generation. Pathetically, many lives were ruined and cut short due to wrong choices that they made. In the case of Ruth the choices she made in life made her a woman to be reckoned with in the world greatest book. Consider her choices.

1. She chose to marry the clan of God’s chosen people in the son of Naomi the Hebrew. This brought her in contact with the true God.

2. Ruth chose to follow Naomi back to Bethlehem of Judah despite the fact that orphan departed to serve the gods of Moab. Ruth was resolved to follow Naomi back to Israel.

3. While in Israel despite the seeming freedom Ruth ought to have, she placed herself under the authority of Naomi her mother in – law and obeyed all instructions she passed on to her.

4. Ruth chose the path of purity and holiness, as many youth today cannot boast of their virginity while even the married cannot boast of a life of fidelity to their spouses. All these are choices made by Ruth and it paid off for her. Are you not making destructive choices for your destiny? If you’ve made such choices in the past you can retrace your step back to your creator today.

According to the ordinance of redemption giving by God for the people of Israel, there is provision for redemption of whatsoever have either been taken by force, lost or stolen. Many people today beat protocol to satisfy their selfish end, but in the case of Boaz knowing what has befallen Naomi and Ruth, he didn’t take an advantage of the situation rather he chose to follow the due process. Many marriages today are experiencing hardship because someone else sat for them in an examination leading to having their certificates. Many have bribed to get a job or promotion and they are today suffering from the repercussion. Do the right thing and you will have the right result.

History belongs to God. History is made amongst men demonstrating the Excellency and the greatness of God. People in times past lived a life worthy of history they wanted to be remembered for. Boaz being a wealthy man never used his wealth to suppress the needy and less privileged but was benevolent in all his dealings with people and God approved him to make history as one of the progenitors of King David and our Lord Jesus Christ. Are you not using your God given wealth and riches to defile young ladies and to snatch other people’s spouses? Sorry you will be rejected in the school of history making. Ruth was divinely chosen for her life of purity and holiness. She never used her beauty to scatter peoples home but her virtues singled her out for history. She became one of the great grandmothers of King David and our Lord Jesus.

Position yourself for divine selection for your name also to be written in Gold. People who live to satisfy their selfish ambition never fulfill destiny and they don’t have a place in history. Therefore live to please God and do His will, and when you are no more your record will read amongst men.

Yesterday is gone. This year is also almost gone. You cannot do anything about it again. If you have made any mistake, I am sorry; it takes the grace of God to make amend. But what I am sure about is that you can do something about tomorrow. You can shape the future by shaping today. Stop worrying yourself about the failure of yester years. Be focused on how to use the rest of your life to influence your generation. If you come to this world without making any history, your case is worse than that of the unborn child.

Remember, to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail. God is still in the business of answering prayers. He will answer you in Jesus name.

Pray these prayer points aggressively:

Every power assigned to frustrate my efforts in prayer, die in the name of Jesus.

Crowd of mockers awaiting the day of my failure, scatter by fire.

O Lord, where is my helper of destiny? Send them to me today in Jesus name.

I am waiting to hear your testimony. God bless you.


See you on the top!