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Post-election Review In Cross River State: The Irony Of Power

Posted: May 8, 2015 at 4:23 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Utum Eteng


The age-long adage has it that “he who laughs last laughs best”. This wisdom and logic expressed in this adage aptly apply to the experience by Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba, a senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN,) representing Cross River State Central Senatorial District in Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Victor Ndoma Egba

Victor Ndoma Egba

A review of the outcome of the last general elections held in Cross River State point squarely to the Biblical admonition that “if an act is not of God, it fails” and also that “man proposes but God in His throne and supremacy disposes”. 

It is common knowledge that before the infamous Cross River State PDP internal party primaries on December 7, 2014, the PDP leaders openly displayed organized conspiracy and collaborated against Senator Ndoma-Egba with a view to deny him a return ticket to the Senate. The conspirators adopted all manner of political blackmail and antics to persuade the good people of the Central Senatorial District to rise up against Ndoma-Egba.

The PDP leadership playing God was neck-deep in this selfish scheme to give Ndoma-Egba a bad name in other to politically kill him. With the way the political drama has unfolded in the nation, it is yet to say whether the gladiators have achieved their selfish agenda against him. Their permutation was that Jonathan will become the president and they will become everything in his administration.

Many political pundits have continued to attempt to analyse why such concentrated, induced, wicked and pretentious dislike could be demonstrated to smear a harmless man like Ndoma-Egba who in many ways has contributed to the enhancement of the Liyel Imoke led administration at the national level to stabilize him, a man who was alleged to have shaded Imoke away from the searching hands of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).



Today Ndoma-Egba is hunted to the knowledge and participation of Gov. Imoke who, in an un-statesmanly manner did not pretend his dislike for Ndoma-Egba. He made sure he did not return to the Senate for yet-to-be disclosed reasons,

Speculations, however, have it that, Imoke’s outright dislike for Ndoma-Egba was because whilst Imoke was on the sick bed in faraway America, Ndoma-Egba allegedly introduced Jedy-Agba to President Jonathan as Imoke’s preferred successor. To confront this childish story, the ever calm and bold Ndoma-Egba frontally challenged Imoke to go with him and others to find out the truth from Mr. President. This plea did not jell with Imoke and his cabal. All what was paramount to Imoke and the cabal was that Ndoma-Egba must not return to the Senate. He then collectively dished out to the people falsehood about Ndoma-Egba non-performance to justify the cabal’s selfish agenda and machinations.

However, it soon became clear to Cross Riverians that, part of the agenda of the PDP state leadership and conspirators was to trade off Ndoma-Egba so that a Senator from Delta State, and a godson to an Ijaw PDP kingpin would replace Ndoma-Egba as Senate leader so that the PDP leader in Cross River would become the chief-of-staff to President Jonathan after the 2015 presidential election.  It is interesting to remark that, because our Great God is a God of all seasons and always on His throne, the selfish projections of the cabal came to naught. They failed because the conspiracy offended God and was therefore not sanctioned by God. Today, unfortunately for the joint conspirators who traded-off Ndoma-Egba like Biblical Joseph, sold into slavery by his brothers, President Jonathan was not lucky enough to be elected president and Ndoma-Egba’s traducers would never occupy the office of the chief-of-staff to a non-existing PDP president.

To further prove the emptiness of the cabal’s failed plan to trade-offNdoma-Egba as senate leader, the Senate projected to replace Ndoma-Egba even though he won, there is no PDP majority in the Senate to make him Senate Leader. The Senate leadership position has been zoned by the winning APC to the middle belt region, and the plan by the state leadership for elected legislators to decamp to the APC have also permanently failed by the recent Supreme Court judgment against defection.

It will be recalled just last week, the Supreme Court held that for an elected member to change party, the conditions stipulated in Section 68 of the 1999 Constitution must exist. The frustration imminent in this Supreme Court judgment is that, the Imoke intended soft-landing plan has crashed with a bang and one would not expect Ndoma-Egba to say that the battle was fought for him by God. How are the mighty fallen and why would the wickedly oppressed not find solace in our Lord, to smile or laugh last, to proclaim the futility of the projections of men who arrogate to themselves the attribute of God and attempted to play God before their fellow man? Whether anybody likes it or not, at least of all oppressed Cross Riverians, Senator Ndoma-Egba should laugh loudly, prayerfully and joyfully sing a song onto the Lord because the Lord of host has fought the battle against the Emperor-like leaders for him and also for all men of goodwill.


•Etung, wrote in from Calabar