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‘I Poisoned My Boss To Enable Us Steal His Gold And Money’

Posted: Jun 20, 2015 at 4:21 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Andrew Utulu –  Lagos


Their plan was to inject poison into the food of their boss and his entire household and later steal his belongings. They almost succeeded but were disappointed that their plan failed.

Now in the custody of Lagos State Police Command, the two suspects who were hired as cooks at different times opened up to our correspondent why they decided to harm their employer.

Victor Hounkpe and David Amusa

Victor Hounkpe and David Amusa

The two Beninoise are currently being detained at Lagos State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) Panti.

One of the cooks, Victor Hounkpe told Daily Independent Metro after they were paraded by the Commissioner of Police (CP), Lagos State, Kayode Aderanti that he really planned to wipe off his employee’s family.

“I am from Benin Republic. I am a professional cook. I came to Nigeria about eight years ago. It was my friend, David Amusa who introduced me to the family in Lekki.

David Amusa was cooking for the family until he took ill.

“Because the family so much trusted Amusa, they now asked him to bring another trusted cook, so Amusa now brought me to the family.

“I am paid N50, OOO per month. I have some financial challenges so I started thinking of what to do. I noticed that my employer does not allow me access to one of their bed rooms. I now reasoned that there must be something big in the room.

“I also noticed that my madam used to put on different expensive gold. I now met Amusu who had lived with the family before I was employed. I started asking him some questions from where I realised that I was underestimating the people I was living with. I later found out that they are so wealthy.

“I succeeded in talking Amusu into the plans of robbing the family but the question was how do we do it? I now suggested that I will drug the family and we would move in and collect whatever we can.

“Amusu now bought some sleeping pills which we grinded and put the powder substance into a vegetable soup that I prepared. The plan was that after serving everybody including the security guards on duty they will all sleep off.

“As they are sleeping, we would now cart away my employer’s property. Our targets were money and gold. Well, serious problem erupted when my Oga fainted after eating the meal. He was rushed to the hospital by madam.

“At the hospital, madam also collapsed and she was equally admitted. I had gone to hint Amusu that our plans were successful but when I came back, the security guards were still conscious and agile meaning that they did not eat the food.

“One of them started questioning me whether I poisoned the food oga and madam ate. I now knew that there was fire on the mountain and I took to my heels. I went to Amusu who suggested that we run away. I didn’t know how the police traced and arrested us.

“I feel very sorry for what I did and I wish my Oga will forgive me. I didn’t intend to kill them. I thought the drugs could only make them sleep. I was shocked to hear that the drugs were poison.

“But blame Amusu for the drugs. I only asked for sleeping pills not killer drugs. Amusu should answer for himself why he gave me killer drugs. I thank God that the victims are still alive.”

Amusu on his own said he regretted introducing Victor to the Fadojutimi family. They loved me and took care of me. It was health challenges that made them part way with me. Even after relieving me of my duty, they still asked me to assist in getting a replacement.

“It was the devil that used Victor to ruin my life. I curse the day that I met Victor.”

The CP who paraded the suspects among other criminal suspects said, “every member of the household ate the dinner as served. After the dinner, the husband, Mr Nwogu Chinaka developed severe stomach ache and collapsed.

The wife rushed the husband to the hospital. At the hospital gate, she fainted and both of them were admitted for medical attention. Two security guards who participated in the dinner were also brought to the hospital unconscious.

“This brings the total number of victims to four. Well, Victor took to his heels but through diligent investigation and deployment of advanced technology he was arrested.”
The CP advised those who want to hire domestic staff to always bring them to the police for proper data collection and character examination.