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PMB Has The Will To Stop The Invading Herdsmen

Posted: Apr 29, 2016 at 2:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Dr. Chuks Osuji

In nineteen fifty four, Richard Nixon was the Vice President to the United State of American President, Dwight Eisenhower. He, Nixon was on a stopover flight at Kano Airport on his way to somewhere in East Africa. At that time, there were sounds of war drums as the country was poised for a show down among the competing nationalities. Nixon was reported to have said, “Friends of Nigerians should tell them to void any type of civil war because, those of us who knew what it is do everything to avoid it.”
Similarly, following the annulment of the 1992 election, Nigeria was at the brink of another civil war. A former British Prime Minister, Margret Thatcher was reported to have said, “Nigerians must be told that in the history of human race, no country ever survives the second civil war.”
Personally, in my educational voyage to become among the educated Nigerians, I had the opportunity to have studied several wars among nations and civil wars among nationalities. From those studies from which I received three degrees in History and Political Science up to doctorate degree, I can authoritatively write on certain variables once they appear in any political system or civil configuration, war is imminent. God forbid! and as one who witnessed the Nigerian civil war of nineteen sixty seven to nineteen seventy, participated actively in the non combatant aspects of the war, lived among refugees from Rivers State – Ikwere, Eche and Ogoni, written extensively about the sufferings and consequences of that war, I will in all honesty be the last person to advocate or encourage another civil war in this my country, that giant of Africa with clay legs wobbling and threatening the mighty fall of the elephant.
Historians will quickly tell us no matter how brief a civil war maybe, it is always fought with venom, bottle anger, cumulative tolerance and oppression of the oppressed who would prefer to die for the freedom of those he left behind than to remain in servitude and bondage. An American black was asked, “Would you have loved to fight in civil war to liberate negroes from perpetual servitude or remained a segregated citizen.” His reply, “I would have loved to fight for freedom and equality or to die.”
Referring to another analogy here will be appropriate. In December nineteen eighty three, a friend of mine, C.T. Okenze, a Journalist walked into my office and saw me almost dejected at the unfolding and economic woes which the country was passing through. He wondered why I looked so dejected. I took a deep breath, sighed and told him, “As Political Scientist, I could discern signs of something ominous such as revolution or a coup de ta.” He agreed with me that all was just not well in the country then.
Few days on, exactly on December 31st, The Military struck and there was a coup d’état.
Woodrow Wilson, the author of “The buck stopped here,” was once quoted to have reasoned, “When a society is in a mess all that is required is to tap from the knowledge and experience of the alert and educated citizens to toss around some ideas that could provide solutions.”
For me, I make bold to say it that as everyone knows, our country is passing a critical stage of nationhood which requires three important things; displace of super leadership qualities of forthrightness; firmness with fairness; jettison any iota of ethno-tribal considerations, partisan jingoism for fear of accusation of failure.
That is, I can foresee in the political cloud of our country, signs of social disruption in whatever form. People are complaining; they are hungry and angry. And when anger comes out of hunger it is the type that could explode any moment.
Principally, the rampage of Fulani herdsmen in many parts of North Central, South West and now South East with AK 47 in their guns is more than enough to spark off a civil war.
Although the President, Mohammadu Buhari is of a Fulani extraction, now as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, nobody can hold him under bondage from displaying some of his known qualities-decisiveness with rigidity.
I don’t want to join, in a hurry, a band of those who believe that so far he has failed. There is no doubt that he may be confused listening to contending interest as his close advisers. Soon, with plethora of furies flowing out of the minds of Nigerians, he would soon call off the bluff of his inner Caucasus to face the serious business of ruling Nigeria. Because he knows that any failure would put him on the dark side of history. With courage of a successful soldier who is now wearing civilian regalia, sooner than later, he will assert his presidential authority to stop invading herdsmen now on a war part.
Nigerians and I in particular would be shocked if he does not do that quickly because, the man Buhari I knew far back as nineteen eighty four through eighty five is indeed a man with undiluted courageous and fair mind, politics apart. Let’s watch.