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Please, Let’s Bring Change To Majek Fashek

Posted: Jun 6, 2015 at 2:05 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

In the last two weeks, I have had the opportunity of twice being in the presence of an exceptionally gifted and iconic Nigerian songwriter and performer. On May 20, at the COSON 5th Anniversary Celebration & Roll of Honour Ceremonies  at Lagos Airport Hotel, the venue practically exploded when the mystical Majek Fashek took on to the stage with 2 Face Idibia. As the two sang ‘Holy Spirit! Take over the world now!’ everyone in the auditorium felt a chill. We were sipping history. It was that kind of moment you never forget no matter how long you live. For a few minutes, the two great talents in an unplanned ‘collabo’ weaved their special gifts together and produced something that was beyond the sum of the two. I can never forget that moment.

Majek Fashek

Majek Fashek

Four days later, at the launch of my book, ‘On the Road to Change’ at the Iris Hall of Eko Hotel & Suites, Majek Fashek once again took to the stage. A special kind of electricity charged up the place. Everyone got up on their feet and started swaying and suddenly, a book launch became a music carnival!

I have spent much of my life among singers of all kinds of descriptions. Majek Fashek is not like any other singer I know. I am not one bit superstitious and anything that does not have rational explanation does not wash with me but I still cannot explain some things about the magic of Majek Fashek.

Early in his career, I was involved in a tour that featured this guy. On a hot day, with the sun shining so bright at Crystal Park in Aba, Majek mounts the stage and once he started singing, “the sky is misty and cloudy” the weather suddenly changed. It began to drizzle. As soon as he got to the chorus line, ”Send down the rain!” the skies opened up and it began to rain like the stuff was getting out of fashion. This happened from city to city that it became difficult for me to insist that it was co-incidence. In Nigeria, Majek began to be known as the ‘rain maker’.

I also had the opportunity of watching Majek Fashek on the same stage with the group, ‘Third World’ at Kilimanjaro in New York City. Majek was awesome. The Americans ate off his melody. They loved him and I was proud that my country had produced a super star on his way to conquering the world.

Then, the wheels went off the tracks. As has happened to many things Nigerian, just when Majek was about to be a true global superstar, many devils stepped in and suddenly there was no longer any rhyme or reason in his life.

So much has been written and speculated about Majek Fashek and the state of his health. The fact today is that once this guy mounts the stage, he is 100% in control. He does not miss a beat, he does not miss a key and he does not miss a word or a melody. This born performer still holds his audience spellbound.

I have given deep thought to the matter of Majek Fashek. I know very well that we cannot solve everyone’s problems but I am convinced that I cannot walk away from this. I am pleading… In a nation with a unique skill for letting so much that is good go to waste, we cannot afford to allow the prodigious talent of Majek Fashek to be flushed down the drain. I am not unaware that some people have before now given their time and energy to make life better for Majek. I express eternal gratitude to these people. Some have also tried to take advantage of his situation too but that is a story for another day.

As he has proved repeatedly in recent days, Majek Fashek is still a top draw on stage. Once he holds the microphone, he is a different animal and can make an audience scream like no other Nigerian artiste I know. I am therefore compelled today to ask my many friends at Nigerian Breweries, Guinness, CocaCola, Pepsi, MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat and the other organizations who deploy music as their major communication platform to give Nigerians a chance to once again enjoy the musical wizadry of the mystical and magical Majek Fashek. It is both a good business decision and a sound humanitarian decision. Please put Majek Fashek on your shows.

While we are at it, the great Majek Fashek currently does not have a home and certainly needs good and consistent medical care. I wish to appeal to every Nigerian who loves good music and has the means, to join me in resettling Majek Fashek. A good friend of mine, Ibok Eyo Ita, has pledged to provide first class furnishing for a Majek Fashek residence once it is acquired. There must be a good medical doctor out there with the skill and inclination to help this Nigerian icon get back fully on his feet. Please Doctor, get in touch.

To put together a residence, musical instruments, transportation, a band and the other bits and pieces which Majek needs to fully bounce back, between me, Majek and Victor Kanu, the young Nigerian in whose home Majek presently squats and who is managing him under very difficult conditions, have decided to stop talking and actually do something. During the week, we opened a “Majek Fashek Fund” account No. 0065103921 at Diamond Bank. I am appealing to all the fans of Majek Fashek and all men and women of goodwill out there to chip in something in the account so that we can make a difference.

As long as I have a say in what happens, I make a pledge that no Naira contributed to the Majek Fashek Fund will be used for any other purpose but to resettle Majek.

As our nation marches on the road to change, I wish to remind us that the Almighty does not bless us for that which we take but for that which we give. For the new Nigeria to evolve, we have to be our brother’s keeper and look out for each other. Bless you all.

See you next week.