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Plateau PDP can’t afford to lose governorship – Sango

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Damishi Sango is former minister of sports. He is the Plateau State Chairman of the Elders Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) charged with the responsibility of winning the state governorship and House of Assembly elections. In this Interview with CORRESPONDENT, ONOJA AUDU, Hon. Sango says Plateau is the home of the PDP, and expresses conviction that the party will win the April 11 poll. Excerpts…

As the Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party Elders Committee on the Plateau, what has your committee done to ensure your state wins the governorship and state House of Assembly election on Saturday, April 11?

Damishi Sango

Damishi Sango

We have been working hard and I don’t want to diminish the efforts of other committees that the party set up for the same purpose. I want to tell you that the elders committee has been working round the clock explaining to people and, having seen a lot of changes – and let me assure you that Senator GNS Pwajok is going to win the governorship election in the state. We have gone round the state campaigning for him and nobody has complained about him as governorship candidate. He is a nice chap and very intelligent, and by the grace of God he is going to win the election.

Your party’s governorship campaigns round the state was said to have recorded large turnout of people contrary to the fears that it might record low turnout of party faithful in the southern part of the state where the opposition party fielded  a governorship candidate. How was your party able to carry out the mobilization of members in the state during the just concluded campaigns?

I told you earlier that the elders of the party have been going round the state talking and mobilizing the people of the state from one local government council to another throughout the 17 local government councils in the state. We have told the people of the state to know that power comes from God and that God does not do mistake and as such people should not complain why Northern zone should produce the next governor of the state after the tenure of Governor Jonah Jang. We took time to tell the people that they cannot change what God has decided. Senator Pwajok is not going to be a bad leader, going by his track records and as such the people of my state should all go out and vote for him. Again, we told them that now that senator Pwajok has become the governorship candidate of the party, we cannot afford to throw away the baby with the bath water. PDP is the baby and we cannot afford to lose this state to the opposition.

What are the elders of your party doing to ensure Plateau remains a PDP state despite the sudden emergence of APC as the winner of the Presidential election that has just been concluded?

It is not that APC is strong as a political party, what has given strength to the opposition party, somehow, has to do with some members of the PDP who wants to be anti-party during elections. That is what APC is counting on, not that APC has members; they don’t have the population. We have been going out to tell our party members that doing anti-party is very dangerous. We have told our party members not to use their votes to get themselves out of power. How can they use their votes to get themselves out of power to become opposition that is suicide? We have been telling them and that is why you have seen a lot of changes. APC has no base at all on the Plateau, but they are just people who are discontented and APC is relying on them to get votes. They will be disappointed.

How do react to the activities of party aspirants decamping to the opposition after losing party primaries. Is such attitude healthy for the growth of democracy?

It is unfortunate that the political scenario is changing. I have seen in the past during our own time a candidate lose election and both the winner and the loser embrace each other. The man who lost election becomes the Director-General of campaigns to the fellow who won the party primaries, but things are changing and there is so much animosity  because people want  power at all cost without realizing truly that power comes from God. If you are going to contest election, you must prepare your mind that God is going to chose one of you as the winner. If you don’t prepare your mind that you may win or lose election when going into contest, it means you are not a party man. Some of the governorship aspirants in the state are ready to work for the party, like the aspirant from Bassa LGC, Hon Nabasu, he is with us and quite a number of them. The Chairman of Shendam, Comrade Kemi Nshe, is working for us. These are people who understand what democracy is all about. They understand democracy, but on the other hand, we have people that seem to be serious minded people and are grown up and have benefitted from the system, yet they are working  against  their party candidates by going to work for opposition candidates other than their own because of their selfish interest. It is unfortunate. These elements are not true party men because if they were, they are expected to work for the victory of their party at the polls. My advice to those who are standing aloof is that it is not too late, we want to see them at the polling unit during the governorship and state Assembly elections this month.  In democracy, people should realize that if it is not your turn today, it might be your turn tomorrow.

What is your position on the generational change in leadership that is taking place on the Plateau?

I think it is important to try a younger man because if you have a son that is growing up, you want to know if that son can take up responsibility of leadership while you are still alive. We have told the youths in the state that this opportunity we have decided to give them is a test. Senator Pwajok is a young vibrant man and his combination with Yilji Gomwalk should move the state forward. Governor Jang has mentored a lot of Young ones that served under his 8 years administration on the Plateau that are going to represent the state at Federal House of Representatives, state House of Assembly and Senator Pwajok that the ruling party in the state has put forward to run for the governorship seat of the state and I hope that when they come on board, they will not disappoint Governor Jang and the people of the state. There should be another generation that we should be moving together because we cannot succeed ourselves, a child is expected to succeed his father because the father cannot succeed himself, that is what life is all about.

What do you think Senator Pwajok should do to add value to what Jang has done in the last 8 years on the Plateau if he wins this April governorship polls?

Well, I think that in terms of Physical development, Governor Jang has done well and everybody can see what he has done. When I was contesting elections against Jang, if you see my manifestoes you’ll see that many of the projects I had wished to execute, Governor Jang has executed  them, they look the same. In terms of development, you cannot fault Jang, he has done that successfully.