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PGA: Mbuko Makes Case For Nigerian Ladies

Posted: Jun 26, 2015 at 12:55 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Steve Oma-Ofozor  –  Lagos


Lady Professional golfer, Uloma Mbuko, has stressed the need for the establishment of Ladies Professional Golf Association of Nigeria (LPGAN). 

Mbuko, who is the Chief Pro, Elite Golf International Ltd, Abuja,  made the call during the week on the premise that this would cater for the needs of Lady Golfers in the country.



She made the call against the backdrop of the relegation of Nigerian women to the background in the sport.

Mbuko, one of the two women professional golfers in the country, wondered why Nigerian women were relegated to the background, when golf has rivaled football, tennis among other sports in terms of popularity and players’ earnings globally.

She said that Nigerian women were yet to embrace available opportunities playing golf owing to the unfortunate situation they found themselves.

She said: “Everywhere in the world where there is Professional Golfers Association, there is women association to cater for the needs of female professionals.

“For  example,  In  South  Africa,  we  have Sunshine  Tour  for  men  and  Sunshine  Ladies  Tour  for  women; European Tour for  men and Ladies European Tour for  women. In America, we have Professional Golfers Association (PGA) and Ladies Professional Golfers Association (LPGA).

“But In  Nigeria,  we  have  Professional  Golfers  Association  of  Nigeria (PGAN) for the men and no professional body for women.

“Nigerian female professionals are forced to seek competitive platform abroad. For any female golfer to become a professional, she will have to join the ladies Professional associations abroad.

“In today’s world, golf has come to compete with Football and Tennis as the foremost sports. This is in terms of popularity and the earning capacity of the international players.

“In Africa, only South Africa is playing regularly on the global scene in golf. There is absolutely no reason Nigeria should be left out in this growing sport.

“Nigerian women have not even started to take up this advantage, hence the need for “Ladies Professional Golfers Association Of Nigeria (LPGAN),” she concluded.