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Kingdom Perspective, Sunday

Perplexed By This Change?

Posted: Sep 13, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)


Are you perplexed about this change? I mean, the change that President Muhammadu Buhari is supposed to be birthing through the implementation of his campaign promises and the manifesto of his governing party, All Progressives Congress (APC).

Are you, like many people including some of those who voted for him, perplexed that he failed to rally the troops fast enough to secure a National Assembly (or at least a Senate) that is sure to back his policies; that things have not moved as speedily as you had expected; that the first set of presidential aides appointed are preponderantly of Northern origin; that an institution like the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has been dragged into unnecessary controversy over appointment of the statutorily required number of Commissioners…?

I admit to some feeling a level of nervousness over some of these issues, but most of all, on the INEC controversy. But I went over to a Leaders Conversation of the Managing Business For Christ (MBFC), listened to a presentation by David Abraham, Managing Director of the Dr Christopher Kolade-founded and chaired ministry and a light shone – within me.

It’s a light that I hope everybody everywhere will allow into their heart; so we can sit back and enjoy what God (not PMB, not VP Osinbajo, not APC, not Tinubu not whoever else you can think of) is doing. In other words, a clear answer to the question: “Whose change is it, anyway?”   is central to understanding these perplexities, wherever and whenever ye arise.

The presentation by Mr Abraham, who doesn’t want any titles but whom we call Father Abraham anyway, was titled “When God initiates change . . .”  While it confirms pretty much, most of what I had always known and accepted to be true, it taught me something else – that occasional perplexity goes with the territory.

But let’s begin with this. He said that God initiated the change agenda before the election and therefore before “APC! Change!!” began to rent the air at campaign rallies nationally.

Ponder that for a moment. Can you picture all the strange bed-fellows that buried their presidential and other sundry ambitions to cobble together the alliance that became APC achieving that feat a mere 18 months before they won the election? It was simply humanly impossible. So impossible did it seem that a well-known voluble spokesperson of the then ruling party offered to give up his birth-right if they did! That brethren had to be God.

Recall all the apprehensions for the election. Absolutely chaotic registration of voters and collection of Permanent Voters’ Card; accusations of bias and lop-sidedness; the frequently rumoured plan to sack the chief umpire, Professor Attahiru Jega and the sudden last minute postponement. It had to have been God to make the elections possible.

Of course, when it finally held, there was always the very, very high probability that one candidate or the other, would not accept the result with violent eruptions following. Recall the attempt by a certain church elder in the service of one of the candidates to truncate the result collation process at the presidential level. Recall also how that ex-President Goodluck Jonathan concede defeat at such a juncture that pre-empted mayhem and that, by a man who crowned a determination to rule for a second term with a desperation to win at literally all costs in the last lap of electioneering. And you still don’t see the Hand of God in the process.

Consider the kind of persons who crossed over to Buhari’s side in 2014 after fighting vehemently against him on three previous occasions – Professor Wole Soyinka being one of the best examples. Could you have imagined journalist Tunde Thompson, jailed under the draconian rule of Buhari’s military regime for being too good at his beat, rooting for him?

To use ‘Father’ Abraham’s words: “The electoral process demonstrated God’s power;” therefore “Change! (was) not initiated by government”.

The question that arises from all of the above is this: If the change is God’s, why does it seem as if it is not working, as some have alleged? Why have there be so much criticisms – loud, like what is coming from the opposition party, and somewhat muted as from anxious supporters? Why are some people already so apprehensive that they are asking: “is this the change we want?”

 The answer, as I hinted above, is that God’s changes come with its initial perplexities. The Bible is replete with examples of such scenario and ‘Father’ Abraham took us through some of them, one of which I shall share next week, when by the grace of God I shall have clocked another year, to the glory of God.

You’ll join me, won’t you, please? Thank you