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Pentecostal Churches Need To Be Better Structured – Afolabi

Posted: Sep 17, 2016 at 7:00 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Chinyere Abiaziem


Presiding pastor of the First Love Assembly, Pastor Simeon Afolabi has stressed the major setbacks amongst Nigerian Pentecostal churches to be the lack of structure and mentorship.
He decried the chaotic situation, where most ministers do as pleased and how some Pentecostal churches go into extinction when the founding pastors have marital problems or transcend to the world beyond.
Afolabi, who addressed pastors at a Ministers Conference tagged: “Rest From The Lord” which was held at The Jevinik Place, GRA, Ikeja, over the weekend said the ministry which he presides over is considering executing the idea of a mentorship programme and well structured Bible school to remedy the situation.
“…In many of our ministries today, there is no office or body higher than that of the Pastor. When the Pastor dies the ministry is over, shut down and it doesn’t have to close down.
“If a Baptist Pastor has a problem with his wife can the Church close down? Can an Anglican Bishop have a problem with his wife and the Parish closes?
“It is not possible. Structure has come with an immunity that safeguards a ministry. We don’t have that in the Pentecostal where if anything goes wrong at home, it has direct impact on the ministry it shouldn’t be,” Afolabi stated.
He however advised ministers of the gospel in the Pentecostal circle to create a structured body that can make leaders accountable.
Expatiating on the conference theme, Afolabi identified four areas where rest is essential; stressing that rest for the soul begins when an individual makes peace with his creator.
He touched on the physical rest and family rest which he buttressed as peaceful coexistence with one’s spouse and acceptable behaviour from the children.
He as well mentioned financial rest, the absence of which he asserts causes chaos in other areas.