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Pedro Obaseki Is An Ingrate, Says Benin Chief

Don Pedro Osaro Obaseki
Posted: Aug 2, 2016 at 6:25 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Francis Onoiribholo

BeninChief Osayuki Obaseki, the Ohen of Benin Kingdom, has described Don Pedro Obaseki as an ingrate, saying that the family was still in shock over his attitude towards the governorship ambition of his cousin, Mr Godwin Obaseki, after the latter assisted Don Pedro in establishing several businesses.

Osayuki Obaseki has invited all members of the Obaseki family in Nigeria and Diaspora, to attend the family annual gathering scheduled for the 9th of September, adding that the entire family would be marching towards the polls from the meeting, to vote for Godwin Obaseki on the 10th of September.

Said he: “I personally called Don Pedro twenty times on phone inviting him, he refused to pick my calls until I called the younger sister and she was very upset with him. We tried to reconcile them but he plays the role of a champion, he wants to show that he knows too much when he does not know anything.

“If it means me becoming a thug today I will be. We have done our best, it is a disgrace. We have all supported Godwin and we will stand by him. “Both Godwin and Pedro came here to tell me they want to run for governorship and I asked Godwin, have you seen your brother. He said yes and that he asked Pedro not to spend too much money in the primaries.

“Pedro is supposed to be a gentleman but I don’t know what got over him. Godwin has been helping Don Pedro set up businesses, he is only being an ingrate.

“And only a child that is a bastard will throw stones at his father’s house. Only a bastard will say his mother’s soup is not sweet. This is what Don Pedro has done, you cannot throw stones in your father’s house.”