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PDP Rejects Council Dissolution In Plateau

Posted: Jul 8, 2015 at 2:36 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The Plateau State chapter of the Peoples Democrat?c Party (PDP) on Tuesday rejected the d?ssolut?on of the 17 council areas in the state by Governor Simon Lalong and directed the affected council chairmen and councillors to return to their duty posts.

“The dissolution is of no effect and unenforceable.

“Our cha?rmen rema?n the r?ghtful elected Ch?ef Executivec off?cers of the?r respect?ve LGAs and have been instructed not to heed to any ?llegal declaration.”

State Cha?rman of PDP, Ch?ef Raymond Dabo, sa?d dur?ng a world press conference held at the party’s headquarters ?n Jos on Tuesday.

Governor Lalong had on Monday announced the d?ssolut?on of the elected council cha?rmen ?n the state c?t?ng the power conferred on h?m by both the const?tut?on of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Local Government Edicts.

The Governor also d?ssolved all members of the executive arm, councillors and other political appointees ?n the counc?l areas.

All the d?ssolved counc?l cha?rmen were elected last year under the platform of the Peoples Democrat?c Party (PDP) and were yet to serve the?r tenure.

The PDP cha?rman who descr?bed the governor’s dec?s?on to d?ssolve the counc?l areas as a pol?t?cal blunder and a betrayal of all Plateau people, added that such acts of illegality would have been avo?ded had the governor const?tuted h?s cab?net and appo?nted a substantive Attorney General and  Comm?ss?oner for Just?ce to adv?se h?m well.

C?t?ng sect?on 74 of the Local Government Law of 2005 wh?ch states that “a local Government Counc?l shall stand d?ssolved after the exp?rat?on of a per?od of three years commenc?ng from the date when the cha?rman took the oath of off?ce,

The PDP cha?rman stressed that the governor must comply w?th due process as st?pulated by law.

The party cha?rman noted that the sa?d Local Government Law was enacted when the current governor was Speaker of the state House Assembly and expressed regret that the governor would turn round to revoke the same law wh?ch he was part of, desp?te the ex?stence of a court ?njunct?on restra?n?ng the APC led adm?n?strat?on from go?ng ahead to unseat the elected counc?l cha?rmen

The party boss also lamented what he called absence of government ?n Plateau s?nce the APC adm?n?strat?on was sworn ?n on May 29, descr?b?ng the development as dangerous for the state and one head?ng on a “su?c?de m?ss?on”.

Some of the ant?-people pol?c?es of the APC adm?n?strat?on ?n the state wh?ch were l?sted by the PDP boss  ?nclude arb?trary loan acqu?s?t?on w?thout recourse to due process of law, m?sappropr?at?on/dupl?cat?on and poor pr?or?t?zat?on of government as w?tnessed ?n the N2.4 b?ll?on contract awarded for the renovat?on of the state Pres?dent?al Lodge, and others.

Reaction to the position taken by PDP leadership in the state, Governor Lalong, through his Director of Media and Publicity, Emmanuel Nanle, described the call of the PDP leadership to PDP elected chairmen not to vacate their offices as a call for anarchy.

Lalong said should there be break down of law and order in the state, the PDP leadership in the state should be held responsible.