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Paying For The Correct Measure

Posted: Apr 30, 2016 at 3:30 am   /   by   /   comments (0)
  • As Traders, Customers Parley In Osun

Gbenga Faturoti


Cases of mago mago and jibiti will soon eliminated from markets in the State of Osun.

The Government of the state has concluded arrangement to introduce standardised weight and measuring scales in transacting business and commerce in all markets across the State.

To this end, it has procured more than 40,000 customised measuring weights and gauges for distribution to stakeholders at subsidised prices. The development is meant to ensure that both buyer and seller come out of the transaction satisfied.

Investigations conducted by Independent revealed that the project had been in the works for some time now, during which sensitisation and enlightenment campaigns were carried out especially among market men and women and other stakeholders on the need to use standardised measuring gauge and weights for transacting business in the state.

The Commissioner for Commerce, Industries, Cooperatives and Empowerment, Mr. Ismail Adekunle Jaiyeoba Alagbada said that standardised weights and measures is critical to establishing consumers’ confidence and equity adding that all over the world, standardising weights and measurements is critical to equity and justice in an effort to establish consumers’ confidence and economic security.

“When a housewife buys a bowl of beans and when a butcher sells his portion of meat, there is an implied faith that as goods are exchanged for money there is the same just balance for buyer and seller.

“However, experiences in almost all present-day commercial transactions indicate that such faith is often lacking. Great variations exist in the weights and measures used in different localities; and even at times, in those used by different individuals in the same locality. These often lead to chaotic situation in most market places. Consequently, commercial transactions become laborious, with the attendant high transaction costs, ultimately hindering the pace of growth of trade and commercial. This is unacceptable in a state with high level of religiosity and a goal of becoming regional hub”, he noted.

According to him, the introduction of standardised weights and measures in the state is a Federal Government’s directive that is in line with item 63 on the Exclusive Legislative List of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He noted that laws made in this respect include Weights and Measures Act CAP W3LFN, 2004 (Formally Weights and Measures ACT CAP 467LFN 1999); Pre-Shipment Inspection of Export Act CAP P25LFN, 2004; Weights and Measures Standardisation of Indigenous Measures Regulations, 1992; and the Weights and Measures Fees Regulations.

The Commissioner said that recognition of the growing need for accuracy of measurements, better packaging and display of consumable goods to safeguard health and promotion of cordial social interactions in local market across the state prompted the move to standardise weights and measures in the state.

He stressed that the establishment of weight and measures, will positively impact on the economy of the state and bring unprecedented ease to trade and commercial transactions.

This no doubt will increase the pace and volume of transactions among traders and consumers in the state, thereby increasing the volume of commerce.

While appealing to stakeholders to embrace the project, Alagbada noted that it will enable the regulation of trade or commerce in goods which are sold or distributed by weight, measure or number, and to provide for matters connected therein or incidental thereto adding that “this is in accordance with the existing Weight and Measure Acts of 1962 as amended in 1974 and made effective in 1975.

The President of Market Women in the state, Alhaja Asiahu Ashindemade assured that her members are ready to embrace the standardised gauge.

She said that the innovation will attract consumers from the neighbouring state who will want to take advantage of the novel programme of standardisation of measurements.

“The programme will create large number of business and employment opportunities for citizens of the state as large number of unemployed youths in the state could acquire vocational training in repairs and maintenance of scales, a skill that will be in high demand as soon as the programme becomes operational,” she said.

Alhaja Ashindemade noted that the programme was in the interest of the masses as it introduction will afford the consumers gets value for what they paid for and remove cheating from any transaction.

Meanwhile, the state government has said it will inaugurate monitoring units at strategic locations across the state to ensure compliance adding that there will also be control posts where people can lodge complaints.