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Why My Parents Stopped Me From Acting – Theresa Dickson

Posted: Mar 26, 2016 at 3:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

After taking a 10 years break from the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood actress and reigning Queen of Peace Niger Delta, Theresa Dickson says that she is ready to return with a bang. In this interview with RITA OKOYE, the multitasking individual talks about the hurdles she has had to scale into the entertainment world among other issues.


What was your experience on the Queen of Peace pageant?

It was good. It was ok. Apart from the competitions I won while in school, I have never been part of a beauty competition. It was my first pageant so I would say it went well. It is a national competition. We have a National Queen as well as Regional Queens. I’m one of the Regional Queens.


As a Regional Queen, do you have a pet project?

Of course I do. I want to concentrate on education. I will be starting from those at the grassroots; from the remote areas where people hardly get good education, where some of them are not even privileged to go to school. Also, I want to try to see how we could either get our Colleges of Educations up to standard or embark on some sort of training programme for teachers because a lot of teachers just teach whatever they feel is right. Some of them don’t even have the passion for the profession. If you don’t have the passion, I believe you cannot make an impact on any child. To make an impact in the profession, you need to have a passion for it. You have to know how to handle children. You need to know the tricks of how to go about it.


Being your very first competition, where you not nervous?

I was really nervous, you don’t want to know. But I can do all things through Christ (laughs).

Aside pageantry, what else are you into?

I’m an actress, and I also want to see how I can go into music. I have a production company, but aside acting, I also do other stuff.


How long have you been acting?

I came back into the industry last year but before then, I did my first movie in 2006. Then I had to go back to school. I acted in Mary Slessor by Jetta Amata. I acted as one of the maidens in the movie.



Coming back, how prepared are you to tackle the movie industry?

I am fully prepared. I intend to go really far. I have come with my A game, let me just put it that way. I will look out for challenging roles, roles that are totally different from who I am. I intend to give it my best.


But you do realise that the industry is now more challenging than it used to be…

I do know that, but everybody has his or her strategy. I have several strategies in intend to employ, but my main strategy is God. Prayer is my secret. I pray and God has been my backbone.


What did you study in school?

I studied Accounting at Bayero University, Kano.


Are you from Kano State?

Well, I can say I’m from Kano State, because I grew up there. I was born in the North, I grew up in the North. I’m originally from Cross River State.


As a student interested in acting, why didn’t you explore Kanywood?

Acting is not something my folks wanted me to do so I didn’t just bring that up.


Is that why you didn’t study along that line?

They didn’t let me do that at home. They actually told me that I wasn’t going to study Theatre Arts which was my desired course. I didn’t even do Accounting in secondary school. I was a pure art student.


How then did you then settle for Accounting?

I actually wanted Economics. In all honesty, I was interested in two courses; International Relations or Theatre Arts. But then, they said I couldn’t study Theatre Arts. Then again, the school where I was to study International Relations was too far. That also stood as an obstacle.


Now that you are fully into acting, how are they taking it?

It’s ok with them now.


What did you do to make them change their minds?

They had issues with some certain things. My parents trust me now.


What acting gigs are you working on?

You will be finding out soon, but I’m starting a new production very soon. I featured in several movies to look out for that will be out hopefully next month. Some of them include Love Is a Crime, The Devil Lives Here, Odeku and Seventh Commandments.

What are your plans for the year?

I intend to do a lot of things this year; on the music, on the movie scene as well as regarding business. I have a whole lot planned out and by the Grace of god, you will hear about them as they happen.

 Where are you with your music career?

That has not started yet, although I have recorded some stuff. But hopefully, I will release a single soon.

 What kind of songs do you sing?

I sing a couple of genres and it’s all just to spice things up and make me stand out. I do hip hop, RnB, and reggae but then, I try to focus on songs that will send a message.


What are some of the topics you like to sing about?

I just want to pass across positive messages to my audience. Although sometimes I just deviate a little just to have fun.


How soon do you intend to release a track?

Very soon; all I can say for now is that people should watch out.

With all of these, how do you find time for yourself?

It is difficult but you know, one must always create time for oneself and for God.

You sound like you are a very religious person.

I am. I am a Catholic.

But people say Catholics are not very religious?

That is what people say. People also say that Catholic girls are very religious too.


How are you observing lent?

I’m trying. I have been fasting. I didn’t start the day it started. I started like four days later, but I am doing the best I can.


Are you married?


Are you in a relationship?

I don’t know if I should talk about it but, yes.


Does your busy schedule not affect your relationship?

My boyfriend is a very busy person, so he understands. He tries a lot to guide me.


What attracted you to him?

It was just natural.  When I got to know him, I got to like him even better. Knowing his personality drew me further to him.


Peradventure, if he says he doesn’t want you to continue in this line, how would you react?

I don’t think he’ll say that. Probably what he might do would be to produce so I can act only in his movies, but I don’t think he’ll say that.


Is he in this field?

No he’s not. He’s very far from it.