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Parents Should Allow Their Children Find Love -Ehigiamusoe

Posted: Jul 8, 2015 at 1:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Leading gospel singer, Odogwu (Great One) crooner, Elisabeth Ngozi Ehigiamusoa, popularly known as Ehiliz is a great talent spanning over 21 years as a gospel artiste with seven albums to her credit. In this interview, with Sam Anokam, Ehiliz, who recently veered into television, talks about her passion for gospel music, her career, why she veered into television, journey to golden age in marriage among other details.

Could you share your experiences as a gospel singer?

I started singing gospel music in Benin mostly in churches, but my husband gave his consent when we relocated to Lagos in 2009 to play gospel music beyond the church with my band.


How did your journey into gospel music begin?

I have been playing gospel music for over 21 years now. I released my first album in 1994 and I have recorded seven albums to my credit. Recently, I started a television programme with a view to restoring decency, morality, peace, love, patriotism and co-operation among the youths especially for those who are morally bankrupt. I want to build a society devoid of corruption, kidnapping, child abuse, cultism, tribal and religious conflicts, marriage failure, etc. It’s called Vivid View with Ehiliz and it cuts across all religions. It’s on TVC every Sunday from 5:30pm to 6pm.


What is the title of your latest album?

It is titled Odogwu (great one) in my peace song album. And I featured Pat Uwaje King of Midnight Crew and Pastor Dolly. I was inspired on events in our nation, which motivated me to sing about peace and love. In our environments, we have lost mutual understanding and communication. It’s a big deal to greet your neighbour, because your next door neighbour has barricaded his house with a high gate, it’s difficult to dictate when they are in trouble. I had to break that mind set in my neighbourhood in Magodo, Lagos to introduce myself to my next building neighbour at least to know each other and he appreciated my lifestyle. Nigerians should learn to be at peace with one another, especially your neighbour because a neighbour should be able to protect and show love when you are in trouble not an outsider.


Do you have any plans to play circular music?

I will continue to play gospel music, because it’s the food to my soul. My husband has always encouraged me to sing gospel songs to glorify God in our lives and also tell the world about our messiah and His unending love for humanity.


What are your thoughts on gospel music in Nigeria?

The industry has improved tremendously. We have more quality of production and packaging of our music. Apart from the spiritual benefits from listening to gospel songs, which also calms, encourages, elevates and give you hope to life, it has became a tradition among our circular music to appreciate God in at least a track in their album. Gospel music is making waves in the world not just Nigeria and so many artistes are interested in playing gospel songs.


What’s the name of your management outfit?

I am currently being managed by Steve Akpos of Nolly Fans Entertainment Media, Lagos.


Could you tell us about the man after your heart?

The love story began 27 years ago precisely 7th May, 1988, exactly the date of our wedding in Asaba where we met. Then, I was a bank official at the defunct Nigeria Bank, now Unity Bank in Ogwuashi Ukwu, Delta State. God has been wonderful throughout our marital journey. We are now seven in the family with five children. Honestly, he is a man every woman will crave to have as husband, his humility has really influence me a lot in life. He is not just a husband but my friend. He is caring and supportive in my vocation, he allows me to play my music to my satisfaction without any negative interference. He has been a good father to his children and he is a man with a heart of gold.


Could you remember how he approached you?

It was in my office at the New Nigeria Bank in Ogwuashi Ukwu, Delta State. He was gazing at me; our eyes caught each other. Thereafter, he asked my colleagues about me, after sighting a Christian bag on my dress, written Jesus is Lord. Amazingly, we passed the same way and he walked to me and asked few questions about my identity. We became friends. I was shocked when he proposed to me barely six months of courtship. However, spending 27 years in marriage has proved that I am actually his ordained wife and he my husband.

What were the early challenges?

My husband is a Benin man, while I am an Igbo woman, tribal differences was a challenge. So, we had a lot of disagreements but we settled them amicably which he called, early marriage crisis. Honestly, it’s the grace of God that has been our pillar of strength. Sincerely, I wouldn’t believe we will survive five years in marriage. We hardly quarrel. Over the years, he has never used abusive words on me. It’s been a blissful marital life. We need patience, understanding and we don’t report to anyone but settle our differences. Though, we have separate rooms but we sleep in one bed.


How do you apologise to each other after a dispute?

I don’t know why men hardly say I’m sorry when they offend you? Initially, he doesn’t easily apologise, but now he does by buying me gifts anytime we have argument. As a woman, we also use the bedroom style to settle our differences as husband and wife. Honestly, my husband initiates reconciliation more, which has helped us to have a sustainable marriage and we call ourselves Nkem (Mine).


How often do you go out?

We always hang out especially in the evenings. And we also go out with our children, he is a very caring man.


How old were when you got married?

I was 25 years old then, but I’m over 50 years now.


How old is your last child?

He is 15 years old, while my first son is 27 years old. My first daughter is married to a Yoruba man.


What is your take on the notion about Benin men been polygamous in nature?

Nigerians like generating issues, instead of been specific. Polygamy has nothing to do with tribes or religious, but it’s an individual decision. I don’t have any problem with tribal differences in marriage, but I told my children to consider their religious belief in marriage, except if they are prepared to manage it like Asiwaju Tinubu and Governor Fashola of Lagos State whose wives are Christians. So, parents should allow their children find love.


Could you describe your personal style?

I love dressing unique, decent, moderate and classy. And my designer, Mercy Kut understands my body shape and taste for good designs.


Haven attained the golden age in marriage, what advice do you have for intending couples?

You have to pray to God with a request of giving you a man after your heart not just a husband. Because there are husbands, but living with one with a caring and God fearing heart is not easy to come by. As a Christian, I prayed for these qualities. I asked God that he must be taller than me and I told God he must be an Igbo man, because of my mother and someone to build my world around. But, God saw tribe as irrelevant in marriage. In fact, I don’t have any regret in marriage and I am thankful to God. Couples should understudy themselves during courtship to have a stable marriage. Some funny issues like don’t put off the light at home during the day while the woman likes the light on, even usage of tooth pastes has damaged many homes. Sometimes, you are carried away with love, leaving the fundamental aspect of marriage. And every married woman must be prayerful and devoted to her family. Furthermore, our men should also learn to assist their wives in love, rather than burden her to death.