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As panel on Ipetumodu, Ashipa communual clash submits report 

Posted: Apr 27, 2015 at 12:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Gbenga Faturoti Correspondent, Osogbo

The Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Ipetumodu and Ashipa Communal Clash in Osun State has submitted its report to the state government.

Justice Oyejide Falola (left) submitting the report of Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Ipetumodu and Ashipa Communal Crisis to Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State.

Justice Oyejide Falola (left) submitting the report of Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Ipetumodu and Ashipa Communal Crisis to Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State.

The commission which sat and investigated the communal clash between the two communities in Ife-North Local Government Council for six weeks had requested the state government to immediately set up an implementation committee to review the recommendations for appropriate action.

The implementation committee will henceforth regularly review all cases of abuse of power or status that may threaten peace and harmonious relationship in the state.

Chairman of the commission, Justice Oyejide Falola, while submitting the reports to Governor Rauf Aregbesola at the Government House in Oke-Fia recommended that compensation should be paid to the victims of the communal clash.

It would be recalled that during the clash, over 100 houses were burnt and destroyed, including farm land among other valuable property affected by the violent clash.

The commission also suggested that the two communities should be surcharged by the government to pay certain amount of money for officially sponsoring and supporting the crises morally and materially.

It also recommended that Ife-North Local Government Council should also be surcharged for allowing the establishment of market in Ipetumodu on a government acquired land without approval from the state government.

According to him, “we have virtually resolved the dispute between the two communities, especially the market day issue and boundary. We have also recommended that some persons be investigated and possible prosecution.

“There is a proliferation of arms and ammunition in the axis of the two communities. Those in possession are reportedly being protected by elites in the society. We have recommended that police should take steps to clean up the area of these dangerous weapons,” the commission chairman disclosed.

Speaking after receiving the report, Governor Rauf Aregbesola read the riot act to the people in possession of illegal weapons in the areas, admonishing them to voluntarily surrender such arms to relevant authorities within seven days.

Aregebesol, therefore, directed security operatives in the state to ensure that the mop up ahead of the May 29 hand over date of the new government, stressing that the new administration will not treat with levity any act of illegality and illegal possession of arms in the society.

The Governor noted that the directive became imperative in a bid to rid the state of communal violence and other anti-social vices threatening the peace of communities in the state.

He said those concerned and had been in habitual breach of the peace and trampling on the rule of law should prepare themselves ahead of the May 29 handover after which they would be made to face the music.

Aregbesola also called on politicians and people with those he called ‘Private Army’ and guards to immediately disband such structures as the state is entering an era where it will be strict on the maintenance of rule of law, peace and order and the guarantee of the rights of the citizen.

He held that people should exhibit maturity in making claims to land so that communities will not witness violence that will diminish human existence.

The Governor advised that differences on land should not lead to violence because there will always be claims and counter claims on land hence the need for a matured way of resolving such issues.

According to him, “People with illegal weapons should voluntarily submit it to relevant authorities in not more than one week from now before government begins into fish them out.

“People should live according to the dictate of the law; our government will after the one week ultimatum embark on house-to-house search for illegal weapons so that the state can have peace.

“Whoever is caught after the one week deadline will face the full wrath of the law because we are not in a stone age. The state will care for the weak. We are admonishing the strong to be mindful of those that are not strong.

“We are entering an era in the state and the country at large, where government of All Progressives Congress (APC) will be strict on the issue of rule of law, maintenance of peace and order and the guarantee of rights of citizens”.

He charged people of the state to at all times resort to Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) rather than resort to violence and arson when issues like land dispute arise.

Aregbesola appealed to people to eschew bitterness in their relationships and promote peace at all times, saying, Osun people being “Omoluabi” should be ambassadors of peace, progress and harmony.

The Governor also directed that all market places in the state that encroach on the road must be moved away immediately.

“Markets are not supposed to be on the road tough Local governments have the right to close roads for market but market must not be struggling with vehicular movement”.

Meanwhile, Aregbesola, during the submission of report by the Standing Commission, which lookED into disturbances of public peace in the state, headed by Justice Adeigbe, observed that from May 29 his government will ensure a strict adherence to the rule of law.

He stated that individuals, who glorify in unleashing terror and violence on the society, are not fit to cohabit with people in a lawful society.

He noted that no individual is above the law, adding that where exceptions form part of the law, such society will be in jeopardy.

He continued: “The Standing Commission of Inquiry is established to look at all infractions of law that could jeopardise peace and security of the state. We need this so as to maintain sanity in our state.

“A government that does not value peaceful co-existence is a curse to its people. What is at stake is above any individual and no one is above the law.

“Therefore, to make Osun a model of civilised society, we will ensure a strict adherence to rule of law starting from May 29.

“We will mount surveillance in all communities so as to remove all self-help instruments and rid the state of illegal arms and ammunition.

“This is why on May 29 we will declare a week of disarmament and peace at the expiration of which anyone caught with illegal weapons will be made to face the full weight of the law.”