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Oshonaike Blames Administrators For Death Of Sports

Posted: Jun 2, 2016 at 3:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Peter Edema
LAGOS – The special status conferred on football by sports administrators in the country is the reason why other sports suffer total neglect in the country.
The neglect of other has resulted in their death.
Funke Oshonaike, a table tennis star, who made this submission in an interview with thecable.ng, said that her hatred for Nigerian football stemmed from the ‘special status’ that it enjoys.
“When we travelled together for competitions, the way they will be treating footballers like king while treating other athletes like second-class citizens.
“That is why up till this moment, I cannot sit down and watch Nigeria play against any country. I do not care. And that is what they are putting in lots of athletes’ heart now. And it is bad.”
She said that the attitude of sports administrators was that other sports were not good, hence the neglect, pleading that 30 per cent of attention given to football should be given to other sports.
“If they can give 30 per cent of what they are giving football, other sports will also grow and they will not be saying this sport is good, that sport is not good. What are you doing to make them good? She asked.
“I just don’t understand the way Nigeria is thinking. They will put some sports aside and say they are not good. What do they mean by that? Why can’t we just do something about them so that they can be good too?
“Talking about football, I don’t like football at all, Nigeria made me not to like football. If they like, they win. If they like, they lose. I don’t care because if they win, they get money, if they lose, they also get money. I don’t care.
“I am not just happy with the way our sports administrators treat other sports because of football. I am in Germany no sport is lacking. Same attention is given to all sports. Every sport has its body and they always get their budget to run their sports. They don’t rob Peter to pay Paul which is what Nigeria is doing.”
She also hit hard at administrators, who expect athletes to perform magic at major competitions without adequate preparations.
According to her, administrators only show concern during major competitions.