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How Oruma’s Shinning Light Was Dimmed

Posted: Dec 13, 2015 at 6:40 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

When former Golden Eaglets captain, Wilson Oruma, was introduced to a popular Lagos-based Pastor, the General Overseer of a Pentecostal church, (not Redeemed Christian Church of God), he thought his good life after a successful career in professional football in Europe would be a bigger blessing. He never had the premonition that the meeting arranged by the Man of God would totally dim his shining light.

The former Olympic Marseille of France star, for the next three years after this meeting with the Pastor kept him mentally unstable from the shock he suffered from what happened to him. Oruma was duped of hundreds of millions of dollars and lost his sanity a situation his family battled with until he was flown abroad to his home in Monaco, France where he has been recuperating for several months with no clear cut successes.

The troubles of the former Super Eagles star it was gathered started sometime in 2012, when the flamboyant Pastor (Name withheld) convinced the former Eaglets captain to invest his hard-earned money in a business he was not familiar with, oil business, where he was promised some oil blocks. The fake investors were invited to the church and they held series of meetings with Oruma to intimate him about the viability of the business which the ex-player never suspected was a ruse. Oruma’s undoing was that he acted alone without consultation with those who were familiar with such business.

Even his close friend Mr. Emakpor Dibofun, was kept in the dark about the business as Wilson promised to invest heavily in the acquisition of the oil block. The ex-player didn’t know that those introduced to him by the Pastor were fraudsters. Another date was fixed for Oruma to make meaningful financial commitment that would ginger them to apply for the oil block from the relevant authorities. While waiting for the fresh appointment date to come, Oruma withdrew funds from all his investments across Europe within three months just to be sure he would have some profitable returns from the oil business.

The retired foreign-based player started making deposits to the dedicated bank accounts given to him to make his commitment payment and he did this for six months until the total money paid rose to a staggering N1.2billion. Oruma sensed a foul play when his perceived business partners failed to get back to him as promised within a period they said the purchased oil block license would be ready. The fraudsters quickly changed their contact phone numbers making their mobile phones unreachable.

There was no update on development on the business for months, at this point it dawned on the former Tabuno Babes Football Club of Warri player that he had been duped big time. Hoping that the Pastor who introduced the fake business moguls to him would be of any help, he ran to the church for succor to seek the advice from the Pastor, but instead of getting some reassuring statements from the Man of God, he met a brick wall, as the Pastor warned Oruma never to come to him for such issues again as he was never involved in the business.

He stated that he is strictly a man of God and not a businessman. He told Oruma that he never added his voice to the business discussions and as such he should be left alone to face his pastoral job which is all about winning souls for the Lord. The response of the Pastor was the devastating blow that sent Wilson Oruma off balance and he lost his sanity. He soon began to murmur some words to himself while alone an indication that he has lost his mind.

Oruma never recovered from this for three gruesome years that he suffered in total insanity from the shock of losing his life savings to dupers, not on the street of Lagos but in a church. Few weeks after this devastating blow below the belt, Oruma returned to his house at the Victoria Garden City, Lagos where he was reportedly mocked by his wife, who before now had been a pain in the neck to the former Eaglets captain. The soccer star had before now been trying to cope with life as the venoms of abusive words from his wife were getting on him. Some of his friends confessed that Oruma’s case wouldn’t have been so bad if his wife had not been totally confrontational the way she was since he married her.

It was learnt that, it was after one of the series of altercations with his wife who blamed him for the family’s misfortunes and huge loss of money that Oruma busted out of their home at VGC and stormed a popular supermarket where he destroyed valuables. He was wrestled to the floor, with his legs and hands tied to avoid further destructions.

From this day in 2012, Oruma’s unstable mind became pronounced. His close friend, Emakpor with the former’s hands and legs tied, took the soccer star to a church in Warri, Delta state for spiritual healing. After being uncontrollable and troublesome in the church, Oruma escaped to his VGC home in Lagos where he continued to disturb residents. It was also learnt that with his unstable mind, he gave out one of his expensive SUVs worth N14million to a friend who speedily drove away the vehicle.

To avoid further embarrassments of VGC residents, Oruma’s family agreed to relocate him to his sprawling mansion at the area of Lagos near Brown Street in Aguda.

Here secret spiritual treatments continued towards the restoration of his health. He was first taken to the church where he was duped. Here, the culprit pastor after some failed attempts to heal the player advised that he should be taken back home as the ex-player had been hit by a strange illness which defiled all known treatments. The ex-international was tied and closely monitored in his Aguda, Lagos home for over one year as the family sought spiritual healing for him. It remains a misery why Wilson Oruma’s family members with their educational background avoided taking their sick brother to an orthodox psychiatric hospital. No explanation was given for this, but another close friend told our reporter that the move was another way of keeping Oruma away from public attention and they also did not want the record that he was once treated for mental illness.

His close friend and former teammate, Emakpor Dibofun, showed that he was a true friend as he never deserted Wilson Oruma, at a point Wilson’s brothers twice called in the police to arrest Emakpor who they claimed was too concerned with Wilson’s ailment more than the family. He was accused of wanting to take advantage of their brother’s ailment to eat deep into his remaining wealth in various banks across Nigeria and in Europe. Unrelenting Emakpor took Wilson to a number of Pentecostal churches in Lagos seeking spiritual healing.

The much desired healing finally came some months ago when he was given a clean bill of health as he overcame his mental illness. He has started walking again as the sores on his legs from long period of being tied with chains started healing. Oruma’s kid brother, Dominic a former Golden Eaglets and Flying Eagles goalkeeper have been dissipating energy around Lagos and other parts of the country threatening court actions against journalists who tried to tell the world that Wilson Oruma needs help due to a prolong mental illness.

He maintained a stand that his brother has never been mentally ill despite the efforts of the ex-players’ friends to find a lasting healing for their bosom friend who they consistent said was very good to them and their families when he was mentally stable. Two of the lawyers sent after some journalists who had helped drummed the beats on the present condition of Wilson Oruma, confirmed the mental state of the former Eagles star, and were aghast that Wilson’s family members were ready to spend a lot of money to fight anybody who reveal the true situation of the former Marseille midfielder.

One of Wilson’s friends who played top class football in the Nigerian league before his retirement castigated Wilson’s brothers for their act of concealment which he said had more undertones than meet the eyes. He expressed his amazement at the attitude of Wilson’s brothers towards the ex- Eagles star’s ailment, saying, “Only God knows why they do not want anybody to be of help. “My friend is suffering too much that was why we had to come out openly to the media which we know can bring a lasting help for Wilson. If anybody in Wilson’s family says he has not been mentally unstable such person lied.

I don’t know why anybody would want a family member to remain in such a horrible condition and they have been blocking people from helping him out while they do not have any magic to help him.

“If not for Emakpor who was arrested several times by Wilson’s family, the former Super Eagles player would not have regained his sanity the way he is today. I spoke with him on phone in France and he is now okay. We thank God for that. “Some of us his friends had to come out to the public to seek for help because during Wilson’s Oruma active football years he helped Nigeria to win a World Cup title at Japan 1993 Under-17 World Cup and also helped the country to win Olympic gold medal at the Atlanta 96 Olympics.

He also won two bronze medals at the African Nations Cup. Such person should be helped by Nigerians at a time like this not minding the artificial brickwall built by some of his close relations,” our impeccable source stated. It was also gathered that, when Oruma regained his sanity he remembered that he was duped by some fraudsters who were introduced to him by a Pastor and he asked his family not to press charges against the Pastor who was a clear accomplice of the crime committed against him.

Oruma is presently in Monaco, France where he is doing well, but sad enough his brothers in Nigeria have not called him for months to know how he is doing at the moment. Oruma was captain of the Nigeria Under- 17 team that won the 1993 FIFA U-17 World Cup where he emerged the tournament’s top goal scorer with six goals. He played 19 international matches over 11 years for Nigeria and was part of the team that participated in the 1998 FIFA World Cup, where he scored in the only appearance he made in the tournament against Paraguay.

He was also a part of the squad that won the Olympic gold medal in 1996, a year after he debuted for Nigeria. He played for the Eagles at the 2002 and 2006 Africa Cup of Nations, finishing both competitions at third place.