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An open letter to governor-elect Akinwunmi Ambode: Lift the ban

Posted: Apr 20, 2015 at 12:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

To begin with, I congratulate you sir on your “democratic selection” to the office of the Governor of Lagos State. It is quite an ideal resolution the inhabitants of the state made in voting you as a continuative agent of change. Congratulations sir!

Sir, aside the general demand for good governance, there is no other issue presently that is as germane to the multitude of Lagos Muslims as the issue of the ban on the use of Hijab in secondary schools.  It is

one issue that has overtime refused to slip into the abeyance of my consciousness, which triggered this inscriptive ejaculation.

However, it is a matter of common knowledge that, the state government placed a huge sledge of embargo on the use of Hijab. Despite the tug of legal skirmishes between the Muslim advocates and the state government, still with all due respect, the Fashola–led government denied the

Muslims of this supposed “secular” state their right to the freedom of religion.

You were quoted to have once said;“the only option was to withdraw (the lawsuit) from court and settle amicably,” which in a point of fact is the singular rationale why most Muslims voted for you which will

make reiterate  the crusading mantra that stirred up the legal battles, “BRING BACK OUR HIJAB.”

Despite the fact that, the baskets of your administrative promises is filled to the brim with projects awaiting implementation, kindly exhume this issue and place it in the top layer for quick execution.

I strongly hope that, the popular slogan of your campaign; “Change” will not be mere verbal cosmetics but will become the kinetic shibboleth to power the change we want. Sweep out the fifths of social injustice.

For in justice, peace resides.

• Amusat Usman Abiola,