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Only Capital Punishment Can Stop Corrupt Politicians –Nnadozie

Posted: Sep 17, 2015 at 12:16 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Chief Zeek Martin Nnadozie, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) was a former Special Adviser (Security) to ex-governor Achike Udenwa. In this interview with Anolu Vincent, he spoke on the achievements of President Muhammadu Buhari so far and other developments in the state. Excerpts:

Why did you dump your former party, PDP for the APC?

I left the PDP for the APC as a result of lack of internal democracy, primitive display of impunity and lack of respect to the People’s will. So, I chose as a matter of fact that rather than continue to dwell in a place where there is blatant lie, perfidy, destruction of personal integrity of party faithful and loyalists, I decided to leave the party. I was one of the strong pillars of the PDP in my local government area, Ehime Mbano and I played a crucial part in the democracy of the Party Executives in my LGA. I was one of the heaviest financiers and one of the fearless symbols of the party in my LGA and down to my wards. I was also the Rubicon of the party in my ward and I even gave the party in my LGA, the office they were using in one of my Houses free of charge.

But to my greatest surprise, when the position for the financial secretary of the party became open which was allotted to my LGA, 90% of the people of my local government Area wanted me to occupy it.

Again to my greatest surprise, the party went against the democratic desire of the people and rejected me. Then when the election for the delegates for the primaries for all the elective offices came, I offered myself, the party again connived with the local government and the Ward Executives to deny me of that little opportunity. And to add salt to an injury, when distinguished Senator Ifeanyi Godwin Araraume who represented Imo North (Okigwe Zone) between 1999-2007 indicated interest for the governorship action, the state EXCO the PDP including myself went and passionately pleaded with him (Senator Araraume) to come and join the race. They pledged to give him a level playing field, conduct free  and fair primaries but little did I know that all they wanted was to raise the stake high and to make the competition fierce. At the end of the day, Senator Araraume won the primaries and the state EXCO, with total connivance the evil men from the National EXCO robbed Senator Araraume his hard earned Victory after robbing him of enormous resources.

In the end, the party paid a heavy price for that. So this is the history and epistle of how people like me decided to leave the evil dungeon called the PDP.

Are you saying this led to the defeat of the party in the governorship election after the party had swept the polls in the Presidential/National Assembly elections in the state?

Definitely, that was why the party lost abysmally in that election. What they did to me was similar to what they did to some other heavyweights of the party and when you add all these together, that gave birth to the defeat of the party.

Before the last governorship elections, politicians of Okigwe zonal extraction especially those of the PDP including myself had vociferously insisted on Okigwe Zone completing its second tenure in Government House Owerri which was truncated in 2011 following the defeat of former Governor Ikedi Ohakim who hails from the zone.

Was your support for Senator Ifeanyi Araraume’s Governorship based on the Imo charter of Equity” which rotates the governorship seat among the three zones of Owerri, Orlu and Okigwe?    

No, Imo Charter of Equity is encumbered inside democratic principles. Even though we are claiming the principle in democracy, the majority carries the vote and that was what we told Chief Emeka Ihedioha – We told him in clear unmistakable terms that if he won the primaries in a free, fair and transparent process, that we would support him and that if Senator Ifeanyi Araraume won, that he should be gentle enough, demonstrate the spirit of sportsmanship  and support him. Unfortunately, he (Ihedioha) allowed himself to play into the negative perception people have about the Mbaise nation.

So what is your position on the Imo charter of Equity in respect of the 2019 Governorship election in the state?     

The Charter has not been overtaken by events but it must follow democratic principles, whether it is Orlu, Okigwe or Owerri. Democracy must be allowed to grow and whoever wins we will support him. Anybody found to be capable to govern the state should ride and ride high.

If the PDP rectifies what led to your exit from the party, would you stage a comeback?

Right now, I am in the All Progressive Congress (APC) and I am comfortable with the party.

President Mohammadu Buhari has begun measures to rid the country of corruption but some people have picked holes in his anti-corruption crusade. What is your reaction to this?

Until we decide to punish corrupt politicians with capital punishment, we cannot get it right. If we do not change, quote me and mark my words, there might be bloody revolution one day. The revolution against corruption has started with President Buhari and so he must get it right by making sure that there are no sacred cows.

Nobody found to have stolen our money should be allowed to keep such money. I recall with nostalgia, my days as a student at the Institute of Management and  Technology (IMT) Enugu. Virtually everything was free. We enjoyed bursary and as a student, I had a car. But today, students in institutions of higher learning cannot even feed well, some of the female ones have resorted to prostitution out of economic hardship, no money to pay their school fees and this cuts across the board.

The South East is bitter with president Buhari for excluding the zone from all the appointments he had so far made. As a Chieftain of the APC, do you not share the view of the zone being marginalized?   

Appointments cannot be even. The principle of Equality was started by the Northerners because they felt that the Southerners had more educated and more qualified people. So they pursued this and got the principle of federal character enshrined in our constitution which means equal opportunity and for anybody to say that the President is searching for people he can trust and work with, that person is saying so out of sheer sycophantism. The President should not allow anybody to deceive him. In places like America and the United Kingdom, there are parts where 90% of the people are Yoruba and Igbo and there is no place in America and the United Kingdom (UK) where you cannot find people of South East Nigeria with doctoral degree certificates (Ph.D) occupying sensitive positions, the South East is blessed with abundant human resources who are capable of occupying any managerial position.

What is your reaction to the bailout fund granted to some states by the President?   

The President ought to have first of all compelled the governors to properly account for the funds they received in the past. By then, you can go ahead to remedy the situation.

****Some of the governors have stashed several billions of dollars abroad and you begin to wonder what they do with such staggering sum of money, still they cannot pay workers salaries******.

Are you impressed with the efforts by the President to contain the Boko Haram insurgency in the country?

As a soldier, he has the tactical and technical know-how to deal with the sect. Right now, he is doing a good job and I pray he should continue in this regard.

What is the feasibility of realizing a president of Igbo extraction under the platform of the APC?

When President Buhari finishes his tenure eight years, if he does so well and the people do not demand that the constitution should be amended, the Presidency will hopefully come down to the South. Remember that it is only the South East that has not tasted that office. I believe that when the time comes the South East will be given the opportunity to rule this country.