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Oliseh Asks Africa To Take Steps Against Marginalisation At FIFA

Posted: Jun 27, 2015 at 12:45 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Peter Edema  –  Lagos


Former Super Eagles captain, Sunday Oliseh, has asked African countriaes to take steps against marginalisation at FIFA with the imminent exit of Sepp Blatter as FIFA president this December.
Oliseh specifically requested African countries to ensure that they took steps that would guarantee the interest of the continent football when a new president was elected in December.

sunday-olisehAs a result of Blatter’s exit, he feels that the continent football would be worst off, if steps were not taken to guarantee its future.

He said:  “There has never been a better time than now to clamour for this,” adding that, whoever would succeed Blatter needs African votes to win, “and we, in turn, need guarantees that we would not be marginalised.”

He linked marginalisation of the continent to its past inaction, saying that this must change, requesting that Africa examines the situation and seek ways to profit from it.
He reminded football administrators in the continent that, “It is no secret that the balance of who rule football lies not in the hands of Europeans, but in the hands of Africans and Asians as these two continents together make up half of the 209 votes at the FIFA General Assembly that decides who rules.”
Giving reason why the Africa must act fast, he said that out of 32 countries that take part in World Cup, Africa has five representatives and the only time Africa had six representatives was at South Africa 2010, whereas, Europe, with just half of the population of Africa, has 13 representatives.
With the above advantage, Oliseh said, “Europe, as a continent, is clamouring for more control of FIFA,” hence he believes Africa should support the new reform being proposed by Blatter to democratise decision making at FIFA.

“I believe the proposed change in the constitution by Blatter to democratise decisions, by allowing the general assembly to make more decisions by ‘one country one vote’ is much welcomed by Africans.”
He said that as the second most populated continent in world behind Asia, Africa must demand for more involvement, bigger quotas and a bigger cut of the cake.