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How Okorie, Suspected Robber, Broke the Omerta

Posted: May 5, 2015 at 2:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)


By Andrew Utulu



Every trade or profession has its ethics and the expected code of conduct, surprisingly, even crime. Part of the code for robbers is never to tell on their colleagues if they are caught, just like Omerta, Mafia’s code of silence.

But, Stanley Ifeanyi Okorie, a suspected armed robber recently arrested by the police has broke his silence and revealed some secrets about the criminal underworld. Speaking with Daily Independent in an exclusive interview, 20 year old Okorie, regarded as a serial robber within the police circle gave an insight on why robbers act the way they do during their operations.

Presently detained in the cells of the Lagos special Anti- Robbery Squad (SARS), Okorie who said he has led series of robbery operations in high brow areas of Satellite Town, FESTAC Town and its environs in the last couple of years also manifested the ethics of his trade that criminal elements are unreliable as he kept making contradictory statements.

Okorie when asked where he hails from claimed he is from Itsekiri in Kwale area of Delta state. But in a twinkle, he also said he is from Umunede, also in Delta state,” while my mother is an Itsekiri from Rivers State”.

The suspect who Daily Independent investigations revealed belongs to a 2-man robbery gang that has been terrorising people around Satellite and FESTAC town as well as Agbara with both toy and real guns said robbers tie up victims when the refuse to “cooperate.”

His words: “When the victims we are robbing refuse to corporate with us, we usually tie their hands, legs and in some cases cover their eyes with clothes, if they are stubborn, adamant and bluntly refused to part with their money, phones and other valuables.”

He said his friend, Chijoke who is on the run that introduced him to crime.

His words: One day, out of curiosity, I asked Chijioke how he was making the money he was spending and he told me out-rightly that he was into robbery operations, fulltime. “I told him I was interested in whatever gives him money and during our first robbery operation at Agbara in Ogun State, I got N30, 000 for participating in the robbery operation.

He added: “I live at 44, Dustbin Street, Orege Bus Stop, Ajegunle, Lagos. I live with my friends, my parents are dead. My dad died of stroke. I came to Lagos in 2008 when I was small and the desperation to raise money to secure an accommodation forced me to join Chijioke and his robbery gang.

A habitual criminal, Okorie confessed “We have robbed in Igando area of the state and I got only N13, 000 as my share, the second day, we repeated another operation in Igando and I realized three Nokia Touch and N15, 000. We robbed at Agbara and I got N15, 000.

“We attacked a lady in Ajah but did not realize anything there. It was one of our friends Ope that told us to go there that the victim had N700, 000 in her house.

“When we got there, there was no money in the house. The woman told us they have deposited the money with the bank. We tied the hands and legs of the woman with her wrapper and left the house”.


When drilled by police detectives, the suspect confessed that apart from robbing people along the expressway, “we also engage in house-to-house robbery operations, where we could tie the hand, legs or blind our uncooperative victims”

Okorie said he was arrested during one of the house-to-house robberies around Satellite Town after the victim raised an alarm, attracting neighbours who beat him up before handing him over to police officers from Satellite Police Station.

He said: “We are a two-man gang. The other person is Chijoke. We entered a house to rob a woman and her husband in Satellite Town. I was the first to enter the house. We met the woman, her husband and children sleeping. I saw two phones on the table.

“I was about to collect the phones when the man suddenly woke up and held me. My second ran away. It was about 3am. The man’s wife started shouting Ole Ole. People gathered and started to beat me till about 8am before I was handed over to the police.”

However, like all of his kind, the once tough Okorie has melted like cheese. He is now pleading for forgiveness, promising that he will leave the life of crime, settle down and look for legitimate work to do if the police would release him.

According to him “It was Chijoke that gave me the toy gun. Chijoke has a real gun which he escaped with. We have not shot or killed anybody during operation. Chijoke only use the gun to scare people when we are under danger of being arrested. He will shoot the gun into the air and everybody will run helter shelter and we will escape.

“I went for the last operation to raise the money to rent house because I have been living with friends.”

The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in Lagos Kenneth Nwosu, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), while confirming the incident said that the suspect was arrested at about 2.30am on 28th March, 2015 at scene of robbery in Satellite Town.

According to Nwosu, Okorie was arrested while robbing a couple around Agbara area in Ogun state. He assured that suspect would be charged to court as soon as investigation is concluded.