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Nutritious Ebiripo From Ijebuland

Posted: Sep 6, 2015 at 12:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Yinka Shokunbi Lagos

The Ijebus, a tribe which can be found mainly in Ogun state and part of Lagos State, South-West region, are known for their peculiar delicacies which centre mainly on yam tubers such as cocoyam, cassava and water yam.



In spite of the fact that most of the Ijebu food are yam-oriented, the process of cooking some of the food items with varieties of sauces make them nutritionally rich and balanced for all occasions.

Today’s menu, Ebiripo is a typical Ijebu meal that can be cooked in various ways and spiced to make a balanced meal. Cocoyam is purely carbohydrates and poor in other nutrients but many have now found ways to make the root nutritious by adding soyabeans while making ebiripo.

According to a study by Sowonola O. A., Ashaye O. A., and Akinde B. A,  from the Federal College of Agriculture, Moor Plantation, Ibadan, Oyo State, “The combination of cocoyam and soybean in the processing of ebiripo will bring about a nutrient complementability”.

They submitted in their findings that Ebiripo fortified with 40% soyflour was significantly higher in protein (28%) and fat (8.4%) than the other ebiripo samples.




Ground fresh Pepper or dry chilli pepper (depending on choice)


Ground Crayfish

Leaves for wrapping


Cocoyam is peeled and grated or ground into paste

Add soybeans flour and mix thoroughly

Add little water depending on the quantity or size of the paste to make it lighter, fluffy and easy to pack

Salt to taste

Add pepper and ground crayfish

Mix thoroughly

Wash the ariba leaves thoroughly of grit or dirt

Scoop in small quantity with spoon into a folded leaf

Arrange the Ebiripo inside a big pot and steam for about an hour

Bring down to cool and serve with Egusi soup or vegetable soup of choice.

The fact that Soybean is common and readily affordable and that it is rich in protein, oil and essential nutrients (Omueti et al. 1994, Oyenuga 1968 and Rackis et al. 1961 and Weingartner 1989) changes the taste of ebiripo when it is added to cocoyam and makes the meal more nutritious than hitherto enjoyed.The high protein content of soybean is already proven to help in reducing the problem of malnutrition in Nigeria. (Omueti et al. 1994).