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Now That Elections Are Over, Let’s Get The Job Done

Posted: May 1, 2015 at 12:17 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Edwin Uhara


The much-awaited 2015 general elections have come and gone! It started successfully and it ended peacefully. It also proved prophets of doom who predicted the disintegration of Nigeria wrong, but many surprises it sprang cannot be forgotten in a hurry. These are surprises that humbled the mighty and produced new set of leaders who are relatively underdogs! The most feared incumbency power was brought to zero, as the collective will of the people prevailed over it. In lieu of the current political realities, I pray that many will survive the shock of the polls, because, by the time the fallen mighty will embark on journey of loneliness; a time when the crowd that claim to love them than they love themselves will desert them or even turn against them in their challenging or trying moments, then, they will know that the world is a stage, which every actor whose turn it is to act must be circumspective while acting, because nothing in life lasts forever.

However, it is ludicrous to observe that at a time losers are conceding defeats as well as congratulating winners of elections being good example set by President Good Luck Jonathan, the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo State, Dan Orbih is crying wolf even where there is none, by alluding electoral irregularities to the crushing defeat the party witnessed in the just concluded State House of Assembly Election where the All Progressives Congress (APC) won 21 out of 24 seats, while PDP won the remaining  three seats. The irony of the matter is that, nobody in PDP raised an eyebrow when the party won five out of nine House of Representatives seats and two out of the three Senatorial seats in the state during the Presidential and National Assembly Elections.

The truth is that, the people who made the National Assembly victory possible in the state are no longer there to repeat the feat during state assembly polls. After the March 28, Presidential and National Assembly elections, most party gladiators defected to the All Progressives Congress. For example, in Etsako Central Local Government Area, the combined clouts of the former Chief of Staff to President Jonathan, Chief Mike Oghiadomhe and the state chairman of the PDP, Dan Orbih who all hail from the area could not secure victory for PDP in the council as the political machinery of Chief Richard Lamai delivered victory to APC.

Similarly, listening to the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Chief Olisa Metuh, on “Day Break Africa”, a programme of the Voice of America, monitored in Abuja, where he alleged that INEC officials and security personnel teamed up to work against the party during gubernatorial and state assembly elections, one will have no other word than to paradoxically describe it as a hunter crying blue-murder in familiar terrain. This is because, when the party allegedly used jiggery-pokery to win elections across the country, the results reflected the popular wish of the people, but now that INEC’s card reader has exposed those who have been swimming naked, conspiracy theory is now a popular parlance in some quarters.

Furthermore, I am yet to know what actually happened to PDP in some of its traditional states like Bauchi, Kaduna, Kastina, Niger, Benue, Plateau and Jigawa States, where it got the blow it never anticipated before the polls! Hence, the sickening defeat of the party in other states can be tolerated, but, the outright sack it got in Kaduna and Bauchi States have called for real questioning of the leadership style or qualities of the outgoing Vice President, Arch. Namadi Sambo and the party’s game changing National Chairman, Alhaji Adamu Muazu, who cannot change the dynamics of politics in his own state. For example, in Kaduna, while APC got 1,117, 635 votes, the PDP got 485, 833 votes during governorship election. During the Presidential and National Assembly Elections in the same Kaduna, which is the home state of the Vice President, while APC got 1, 127, 760 votes, the PDP got 484, 085 votes. The same feat was repeated in Bauchi State where APC got 654,934 votes while PDP got 282, 650 votes during gubernatorial polls. During the Presidential and National Assembly Elections, while APC got 931, 598 votes, the PDP got abysmal 86, 085 votes.

Hence, with APC winning in 20 states out of the 29 states governorship elections were conducted this year, and PDP winning in only 9 states; a lesson that must be learnt is that whenever a particular group of leaders allows greed, work without pay, sycophancy, praises that have no corrections with realities, publish and be damned and the habit of using and dumping people to become their visible identity, the people will not waste time in evicting them from office during polls.

Therefore, the truth exposed by this year’s polls is that, Nigerian voters are wiser than they were in 2011. In 2011, the electorates voted for party, but this year, they voted for candidates. By 2019, they would be voting for both candidates and the best manifestoes. This is to say that they will study the manifestoes of respective candidates and vote for candidates with the best programme for them and hold them by the black and white lines that doted their manifestoes. So, by 2019, they would not have to wait for four years to change the leadership they do not want, because they would have learned how to recall non performing leaders when worse comes to worst. Hence, those elected should settle for governance now and get the job done!


• Uhara wrote in form Abuja.