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Now Big Buttocks Are Cheap

Butt Pad
Posted: Sep 18, 2016 at 10:05 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

By Ifeoma Ononye. 

Men, beware, the big back side you are admiring on the fancy looking girl beside you may be fake.

They call it butt pad which they wear like normal panties. And it is trending like no other and selling everywhere in your locality.

Even a 12-year-old who has a flat back side can deceive you the next moment wearing these.

Butt pads are simple, easy, safe, and instant makeover without side effects. The only problem is that many girls are too attached to it. Some can no longer do without wearing them.


Many ladies who have it say “You no longer need to opt for surgery just to get the look you desire. There is no need to apply butt-enhancing creams either. To get bigger buttocks, all you have to do is wear a butt pad like you normally wear regular panties.”

African women were loved by other countries because they are well endowed in the right places.

An average African woman is a size 12, with big button and very sizeable breast. As time went by, many women wanted to be as slim as the models they see on the foreign television fashion show. Women saw that the slim girls had better chance with men and so the rave became to shed weight.

Then every African woman started being uncomfortable with being a plus size. Slim tea started selling like nothing else. Every gym had one or two ladies trying hard to lose weight. You may blame it on Fashion or globalisation but vanity and complex problems has a lot to do with this situation.




Now every lady out there wants a big buttock like Omotola and Beyonce.

An online blogger said “If you can wear padded bra, shoulder pad, why not butt pad?”

The blogger who didn’t give her name encouraged ladies whose behind does not look so great when wearing leggins, jeans, form fitted dresses and skirts to grab a pair of buttpads and feel confident.

Just as many women are crazy about having the perfect shape and fittings to their dresses, there are many girls out there who think wearing butt pad is absurd.

Butt Pad

Butt Pad

A university student, Joy Odobor said that the fake butt disgusts her and that she can never wear it. “I mean they do all these to attract men and at the end of the day, they get dumped. Should it not send them the signal that the love they seek is not only physical,” she said

Grace Chiamaka’s opinion is “I don’t think there is any need to be so fake. Even with no bosom, buttock or height, a man that’s meant for you will ask you out.”
Some men spoke with Independent on their thoughts about butt pads.

A young man who gave his name as Andrew became angry when our reporter brought up the issue and was supporting the women for wearing them. He angrily narrated how he was wooing a girl he thought had a nice looking butt only to find out on the night they were supposed to stay together for the first time that it was fake.

“It is not funny. It is very discouraging when you see plump and after you realise the person is as flat as a lizard after she undresses. I did a mental check and I realised that all I was touching all the while we were together was foam and fabric. I still feel disgusted when I remember it. I feel cheated. It’s cheating.”

Another young man who didn’t want his name revealed said, “It’s sort of odd and wrong. It’s not permanent. It will always fade out. There will be days they would forget to wear them and people will give them that strange look they deserve.”