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There is nothing like gospel artiste

Posted: Apr 10, 2015 at 1:15 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Multiple award winning Gospel musician, Anne Ibrahim popularly known as Anny Love has continued to soar high in her career since 2009 when she released her first album. In this interview with Senior Reporter, Anthonia Soyingbe, Ibrahim reveals why she supported President Jonathan among other issues

Let us clarify a notion; is Anny a gospel or an inspirational singer?

I am a music minister with the message of good news. I don’t think there is any genre as “gospel artiste”. People should stop boxing us up.

You are one of the artistes who supported President Jonathan, how did you feel about the outcome of the election?

Anne Ibrahim

Anne Ibrahim

Yes, I supported him and I have no regrets. It was my choice. The feeling I had about the outcome was a mixed. I was happy we had peace afterwards but felt bad the president didn’t make it back. But it’s all good, having Nigeria in one piece is the ultimate for me as a peace advocate


Many people have called artistes who supported Jonathan different names, for you why did you choose to queue behind him?

It is very unfair and unethical for anyone to bully people for making a choice. We are in a democratic dispensation for God’s sake. Like I said earlier, I have no regrets supporting President Goodluck Jonathan. It was my choice. He is a good man with a good heart.


Your bank account must have increased during the electioneering campaign, how much were you paid for campaigning for him?

I didn’t feed fat on the campaign monies. I didn’t support him for what I was going to get or else I would have gone for the APC when I was approached.


Will you say your peace song had impact on the peaceful conduct of the presidential election?

Yes it did. The song was more than just another song. It was a wish and a sincere prayer. So, I thank God for the outcome of the presidential election. My prayers through the peace song were answered.


Do you still run your NGO and if yes, how are you impacting on the society through the foundation?

I still run my NGO, Annylove Educational Foundation and we have carried out a couple of outings. We have had several visits to different orphanage homes, distributing clothes, food items and educational materials. We also sponsor some of the kids in school. We would be glad to get more support to enable us do more.


Anny has successfully stayed off scandals which is peculiar to entertainers, what is the secret?

My dear there is no secrets; it has been by the mercies of God.


Aside fame, what else do you enjoy as an entertainer?

I enjoy favors from people who recognise me at malls, bank, etc. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help.


What is your take on singers who still believe they can’t make headway without vulgar lyrics?

I don’t think it is left to music alone. It is also the fault of people who support such music. If they sing and people don’t buy, they will not continue. They feel so because they get encouraged to continue. Furthermore, I believe strongly that there is a spiritual factor to it. It is sad that evil and demonic songs seem to flourish over the good ones. What does that tell you? The devil wants our industry to remain in the dark.


Who are your pals in the industry?

I have a few to be frank. I have those I look up to for direction and those that are close friends. Nikky Laoye, Essence, Onos, Omawumi have been very supportive. Sammie Okposo Alibaba, Daddy showkey, RMD, Lady Judith have also been very helpful.


Is your home still intact and if yes how do you combine your career with your home?

My home is very much intact. I love attribute that to God Almighty for his wisdom. And thanks to my wonderful family for standing by me. I most times prioritize my activities. This has kept me sane in this busy industry.


Is music really paying your bills?

Music has been good to me financial. I have not complained. Thanks be to God


Can you share with us your most embarrassing moment as a singer?

My most embarrassing moment was when I fell on stage. I was on the same stage with Yolanda. I actually stepped on my long flowing dress. It wasn’t funny at all.